Whitesburg KY

Senior shop, eat, shop in Pikeville

Ermine Senior Citizens have been on another trip.

We went to Pikeville, shopping. We shopped at J. C. Penny’s, and then had lunch at Shoney’s. After lunch, we went to Big Lots and the Super Walmart.

So you could say that we shopped, ate, and shopped. I think we all ate too much, but the food was delicious.

Esther Corello and Joe and Doris Bentley went with us, and it was their first time with us on one of our shopping trips. We had to take two buses because we had a great crowd and a wonderful time.

Joe and Sue Stallard had gone to Lexington to visit their children but will be back by now.

Don and Nancy Fultz went to Indiana for a few days and brought their great-granddaughter home with them. I think she is four years old, but I’m not sure. She is a beautiful little girl.

We are glad you are back as we missed you, Don and Nancy.

Hey! What has happened to Ralph Hall? Has he been kidnapped? I hope not. Come on, Ralph, and show your face. Where are you, Linda Jarrett and Nina Craft?

You all need to get back and fill your seats before someone else does. We miss all our seniors who don’t show up.

Joe Walker, we were glad to see you last week. Come back every time you can. (We won’t tell Boone Fork on you.)

We had a great day last recently, playing Bingo. I won a box of candy. It was the first time in a long time. I was going to give it to my friend, but I ate it. It sure was good.

What we are planning next is our monthly potluck. We want to have it at Fishpond Lake if we can. We will have some games to play, horseshoes for one. Maybe some badminton, and I don’t know what others.

So come on you seniors, and join us and get in on the fun and the eats too. See you there.

God bless until next time.

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