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Seniors attend health fair at Boone Fork Ctr.

Hello out there to all you senior citizens. I hope you’ve been keeping warm, but it sure is cold.

I haven’t been writing the news for two weeks, but Thanksgiving week we didn’t do anything but get ready at home for our families.

It’s old news now, but my grandson, Rob Swagert and family came home from Rainbow City, Ala., and spent three days with me during the holiday.

Dorothy York has been very sick this year, but is doing a lot better. She has been back quilting and it’s sure good to have her.

Brandon, our guy who works at the center, had a car wreck coming to work and he broke his shoulder. It totaled his car, but he was very lucky. We miss you, Brandon, and hope how soon you’ll be OK and back to work.

Oma Hatton, it’s sure good you’re getting to be back with us.

Last week we went to Boone Fork to the health fair. Most of us got different kinds of shots, then we went to Jenkins and ate lunch at Hardee’s.

Hey Ralph Hall, where are you hiding out now? Not from Santa Claus, I hope, because he knows where you are.

Coletta Tolliver, it was good you were back this week. We have had a great group of seniors this past week, from 50 up to about 60 every day.

We were going on a shopping trip, but it was called off because of the weather. They were going to put a new rug down at our center, but didn’t due to the power outage so that people who didn’t have electricity could come to the center. Maybe we’ll get to go shopping next week.

Sorry, Oma, you made the trip up in the cold. I’m sorry I didn’t call and tell you that the trip was called off, but I just didn’t think about it.

Our site manager Debbie Slone spent Thursday at the hospital with her daughter, who had surgery and came through it just fine.

Danny Webb, our sheriff, and Eugene Slone were at our center. Eugene took our pictures and they had dinner with us.

Our young Ruby Caudill, who is 97 years young, made a trip to New York to her daughter’s funeral. Her daughter Debbie drove her there and back. Ruby made the trip very well.

I’ve finally put up my Christmas tree, hoping Santa will put something under it. I also have hung my stocking. Maybe it will be filled (hint, hint).

All you seniors hang your stockings so Santa can put something in it for you.

We are planning our Christmas party, and it will be potluck. So come all and let’s put the big pot in the little one. We’ll have some great food as we always do. I hope someone brings shucky beans.

I guess I’m just rattling off this time. I’m glad you all read my column, so you’ll know what I know.

God bless until next time.

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