Whitesburg KY

Seniors celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

We had a great St. Patrick’s Day potluck. The house was filled with people wearing green. Lizzie Mae Wright, Ruth Gibson and Joe Bentley were the greenest. Joe even had green hair.

He and Doris were chosen as Mr. and Mrs. Leprechaun. Their prizes were bowls that looked like pots for gold, but would do fine for soup or cereal. We had a wonderful meal.

Rhuford Hart and Charles Day grilled polish sausage and wieners for us. Martha Harris made her wonderful homemade chili. We had kraut salad, coleslaw, potato salad, chips and dips. What else could you want with hot dogs?

We had our cake from Community Trust Bank. It had a cute leprechaun with a pot of gold on it. Abby Wynn really makes beautiful cakes. We appreciate that Community Trust gives us a cake every month.

There was ice cream to go with the cake, and Geneva Adams made a lot of homemade fudge. Alice made Watergate salad.

We had lots of green door prizes. Colette Tolliver won the grand prize, a green bag with green money in it — 10 green $1 bills. She has been sick, so it was good to have her back with us.

Ruby Caudill was able to be with us, and of course we are glad to have Martha Harris back.

Some of our people were not with us, so we missed Richard and Pauline Adams as well as Betty Newman. Her mother had passed away that afternoon.

James and Barbara Hall were also missing. We did have several visitors, Randall and Ralpha Adams and Carlos Fugate.

A group of senior citizens are going to Frankfort with AARP to lobby for senior interests. The legislature will be in session. Our group will join many other counties.

Prayer list: Richard and Pauline Adams, Jack Stallard, Patty Majority, Martha Harris, Ruby Caudill, Joe Bentley, Lorraine Kuracka, Betty Newman and Debbie Anne Adams.

Thought from Daily Bread: “Before your burden overcomes you, trust God to put His arms underneath you.”

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