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Seniors celebrate Veterans Day

DARRELL HOLBROOK participated in the Veterans Day celebration at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center.

DARRELL HOLBROOK participated in the Veterans Day celebration at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center.

Ermine senior citizens had a great time last week.

Monday, we had a painting class taught by Joyce Vermillion. Everyone that painted finished their picture and they all came out great.

Tuesday, we had the ladies from Faith Moves Mountains. They were Jo Combs and Ava Mullins. We also had our Veterans Day. Our site manager Debbie Slone decorated the center in red, white and blue. Debbie, you did a great job. We displayed the pictures of our families that had been in service.

Some had pictures of their husbands, brothers, grandparents. I had five of my family. My dad World War I, my husband World War II, my brother World War II, my younger brother Korean War, and my son in Vietnam. The pictures are were beautiful.

Rhuford Hart led us in prayer then Darrell Holbrook was there with us. He gave a wonderful talk and read us a beautiful poem about the old soldier and the flag. Everyone had a flag and they were waved during the poem. It was all beautiful and sad, too.

At the end of the ceremony, Darrell played ‘Taps’. Darrell, you did a wonderful job. We really appreciated you coming and taking your time out to be with us.

Wednesday, my friend and I were at the Veterans Memorial to celebrate Veterans Day there. Kathy Palumbo was there and a lot more of our senior citizens were also, too many for me to name. It was also a beautiful ceremony. They shot the cannon, had a 21-gun salute, and ROTC men and women, also the Letcher County Central Band, VFW men from Knott County, and a great crowd.

Lots of young people came to show their respect. Letcher County people, you should all show up for this and let our veterans know we really do appreciate them keeping our country free.

Wednesday and Thursday, all our centers were closed, so back Friday and we just ate and talked about the Veterans Days.

Now, one of our senior citizens and her husband took a little old trip out west. They were Jack and Betty Newman. Oh! no, not a little trip, a big trip. They left on Nov. 4 and traveled 7,000 miles and went through 20 states.

First, they stopped at Loretta Lynn’s home, from there to Palo Duro Canyon and saw the Lighthouse rock formation. They ate at Big Texas in Amarillo, Tex. In Arizona, saw the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, and Grand Canyon. (I got a piece of the petrified wood. Thanks, Betty.)

In California, they saw the Mojave Desert, Death Valley Park, Yosemite Park, and Sequoia Park. In Utah, passed by Great Salt Lake. In Montana, stopped at Yellowstone Park and drove through Gallatin National Forest. South Dakota, saw Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Wall Drug. In Missouri, saw the Arch. What a trip to go on.

Betty said they were glad to see the green grass when they returned home. (I want to go next time, Betty.)

Next coming up is Thanksgiving and the turkeys will be baking. Next is Christmas and it will soon be here. Let’s not forget what Christmas is about.

Thanks to all you people I meet while I’m out and you tell me you read my column and enjoy it.

So it’s so long for now and God bless until next time.

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