Whitesburg KY

Seniors’ Derby party is on TV


I hope everyone has had a blessed week. Mine has been busy, with trying to get everything hooked back up in my kitchen. Hey, I can cook again, but who wants to? Really I do cook sometimes.

Our senior cheerleaders are practicing a lot and having a good time. Way to go, girls!

I had a good visit with the eye doctor in Prestonsburg this week. Dr. Cowen said he was impressed because I didn’t cry, not once. I just love that man.

If you missed the Derby party last week, be sure and check out channel 98 for the Government Channel and see what’s going on. They are making us all look good. We enjoyed making the hats and the good fellowship with the seniors from all the centers.

I talked to Judy Puckett this week, and hope to meet with her in a couple of weeks. I also talked to Patty Brashear, and all her family are doing okay.

I saw and talked to my neighbors, Bonnie Wright and Vet Quillen, in Hazard. Vet is having her cataracts removed and is doing really well. I hope she continues to stay well. They are wonderful neighbors and friends.

Special thanks to Don Webb for all the articles he sends me for our Historical Society Newsletter. He has been a big supporter since we began back in 1990. Thank you, Don!

It’s hard to believe that our society is now 20 years old and still growing. If you aren’t a member you don’t know what you are missing.

I would like to wish Jack ‘Shorty’ Quillen and Geneva Baker happy birthday from all their families and friends.

Get well wishes to Ron Holbrook of Richmond. His parents have been to visit him after his surgery. They all attended his son, Danny’s, graduation from college at the University of Louisville this weekend. Ron’s parents are Charlie and Wilma Holbrook of Deane. Ron is doing well.

I talked to Stella Elam and she is doing much better and we thank God for his many blessings. She is a wonderful lady.

The Colson seniors went to Applebee’s on Friday and then on a shopping spree. Opal loves to shop and so do all of our group.

We are so glad that Alpha Sexton is coming to the center; she is a special lady and we all love her.

We extend sympathy to the family of Lillie Eldridge. He was a wonderful man and has a great family. We love you guys and will continue to pray for your family.

Bruce and Lou are having more water problems at their house. First the hot water tank went and then their kitchen got flooded. Then the washer went on the blink. Jade went to London with her dad’s family to a birthday party for Destiny. She loves her baby brother Noah. She talks about him so much. She went with Bruce and Lou to Huntington on Saturday.

Mary Golden Knight won a singing contest this past week at Big Mama’s, won some nice gifts and will take part in another talent search in a few weeks for a chance to get a recording contract. Way to go, girl!

She and her husband, Jack, are great entertainers. Jack and a friend of theirs do a comedy act. The friend is Mike Wireman. Jack sings mostly songs from the big band era and plays trumpet.

I wish they would come up and entertain us during Mountain Heritage, or just anytime. They have a good friend, Steve Brown, who is destined to make it big. Listen for his recordings on ‘The Bull Dog’. Maxine keeps up with these famous people.

Mary, we will be keeping our fingers and toes crossed for the Nashville debut!

We just received word that our dear friend, Ruby June Caudill, has died in Georgia. She was such a special person and so kind. We will miss her so much. Our thoughts and prayers are with all her family and friends.

May God bless everyone.

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