Whitesburg KY

Seniors eat by candlelight


How has your week been? Mine has been very busy finishing up all those last minute things and visiting friends.

Our center had its potluck dinner and gift exchange. As usual, there was a lot of food. We had finger foods to make cooking easy. The power company was working on the lines, so we ate by candlelight. How nice that was.

Everyone seemed pleased with the gifts they received. I know I liked mine. It isn’t the gift, but the thought put into it.

Thursday we went shopping in Hazard. Those going were Cathy Ingram, our site manager and driver; friend Harold Day; Faye Herron; Eulah Miller; Sue Williams; Judy Eldridge and myself. We ate at the steak house. The food was good and plentiful

I have eaten so many big meals this month, I shouldn’t be hungry for another month.

Christmas on the Creek was so much fun. People are still talking about it.

Not much this week except family things. At my house gifts aren’t just given, but are an adventure. My son, Broy Dollarhyde, had to solve a puzzle then do a math problem to get the combination to his present. It took him 20 minutes to find it and get it opened.

After all the gifts were opened, we played a game of Hilarium. If you’ve never played it, it was six people playing charades and Old Maid at the same time. Lots of noise.

Now it’s time to put the decorations away and make resolutions for the next year. I have some already in mind: 1. Write for the paper every week; 2. Be more tolerant of others; 3. Be more thankful for my health and what I have; 4. Do a good deed any time I can.

Now let’s see how long I can keep these. Call me if you want me to mention you and your resolutions. This could be fun. 403-1058.

Until next time, be good, or be good at it.

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