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Seniors enjoy busy month

Hello to everyone from Boone Fork Senior Citizens Center. We wish to apologize for being so long putting our news in the paper.

August was a very busy month for everyone. McRoberts Community Center has had a food booth at several of the festivals, and Irene has been really busy helping with them.

Ida has had surgery, and says she hasn’t been any help to anyone. So maybe we can get back on track now.

Aug. 6 we had Senior Appreciation Day at Hazard, on the 10th, Lisa Reynolds was with us for the Blind and Independent Living. We enjoyed hearing her, and she was very helpful.

We had Senior Safety Day at Hazard, Aug. 11, which was very informative. Also on Aug. 11, we had Faith Moves Mountains with nutrition and a weight-loss program. We appreciate these ladies very much.

We had our monthly potluck lunch, Aug. 12. We had a great day with lots of good food. We also had good bluegrass music. We really appreciated those guys for playing for us. We always enjoy them so much.

Beulah Webb and Louis Meeks won the door prizes this month.

We always have Bingo every Friday. Everyone loves to play, and we have a good time. We have our daily walking, stationary bike, and a walking glider for our exercise program.

Those sharing August birthdays were: Rose Stidham, Vivian Spangler, Nettie Nelson and Walter Fulton.

We would ask you all to remember those people in your prayers as they have been a little under the weather: Jean Bentley, we are glad she’s out of the hospital and back with us at Boone Fork; Opal Williams has had surgery in Lexington and is now taking chemo; Wayne Fleming had surgery in Lexington and is recuperating at home.

We pray for a speedy recovery for these folks, and for those we might not have known about.

Aug. 24, Cheryl Compton spoke to us on stress management. We were glad to have her.

Aug. 27, we went to Jenkins Day and had a really good time and enjoyed some good food, but we have good food at Boone Fork every day. We appreciate our good cook and workers. We appreciate all they do for us.

We extend our sympathy and prayers to Mabel Johnson, in the loss of her daughter, Monek Johnson Hutton. Please remember Mabel and family in your prayers.

Also, Irene Seals lost a brother-in-law, Robert Sergent, in Michigan, formerly of Neon. Remember that family in prayer, too.

That about catches us up for now. We wish God’s blessings on everyone until next time.

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