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Seniors enjoy July 4 bash

I hope everyone had a blessed week.

The Colson Center hosted a July 4 bash on Friday. The Boonefork, Jenkins, Ermine, Oven Fork, Kings Creek and Blackey centers were well represented. We had 106 beautiful people in attendance.

Thanks to all the workers, staff and summer workers for doing a great job. We were treated like royalty.

We had two birthday people, Judge Jim Ward and the very good looking Eddie Meade. Not that the judge isn’t good looking, it’s just that Eddie’s family are our close neighbors and we want to stay on their good side!

Maybe one day Eddie’s dad will play ‘Rocky Top’ for me.

We had some good singing by Amber, Delilah Baker, Fred Young and Colleen Hart. We invited Sheriff Danny Webb to sing, but he said that singing wasn’t his calling.

Our magistrate, Archie Banks, would have sung but Glenda said maybe we should rethink that. Trenda Kincer, our director, was too shy to sing.

When all our centers get together it’s like a big family reunion; there’s just not enough time to visit with everyone.

All the veterans there were recognized and we had quite a few. Thank God for each of them and for all veterans.

The Colson Center plays Bingo every Thursday, so come and enjoy it with us. You know I never win, but watch out for Nora Logan.

The third Friday of each month we have potluck, and you know we have great cooks.

I enjoyed talking to Don and Nancy Fultz. I knew most of his family but had never met him. They are such a nice couple.

Thanks to all who shared their veteran information with me. I hope to get to work on it in a few days.

Two of my grandsons are with us this week. I have to share them with the other grandparents, Tommy and Betty Stansberry. Jared and Ethan are such a delight.

My cousin, Delbert Baker, his wife Lynn, and their grandson Kane have all been camping at Carr Creek Lake for the past two weeks.

We had lunch together on Thursday, along with my sister, Lou. Then on Saturday, Maxine and I went to the lake and spent some time with them. They will be coming back for a couple more weeks before long. They live in Shoals, Ind.

I talked to Ann Thomas this week, and she is improving and we thank God that she is. We love her so much.

Our prayers go out to Goble Hall, Sue Hill and Don Richardson, and all who are sick. May God bless each of you.

Happy birthday to Bobby Mobley, Fontella Hall, and Dixie Slone Watkins.

Does anyone have a picture of the Sweet Shoppe that used to be on Main Street in Whitesburg? If you do, please let me know.

May God bless everyone!

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