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Seniors enjoyed Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE ROYALTY — Everett Joseph was crowned Valentine King and Coletta Tolliver was Valentine Queen at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center.

VALENTINE ROYALTY — Everett Joseph was crowned Valentine King and Coletta Tolliver was Valentine Queen at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center.

Oh, what a great time the Ermine seniors citizens (we’re recycled teenagers) had Monday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

Our center was closed because of the water, but Jim Ward let us have our party and potluck dinner. We had a king and queen; Everett Joseph was crowned king, and Coletta Tolliver was crowed queen. Each received a big Teddy bear.

Judith Vermillion fixed us a Valentine box, and she decorated it beautifully. It had hearts, roses, vines and birds on it. Judith does a great job, whatever she does.

We brought Valentines for each other and gave them out. We also had gifts to exchange. The men brought a man’s gift and the women, a woman’s gift. Also, the men had beautiful cards for their wives.

Best of all, though, is they brought their wives red roses. I got roses, too, but mine were from a secret admirer. Who are you? Come on and tell. Valentine’s Day is over and it’s time to ‘fess up. Yes, it’s time so don’t keep me waiting. I’ve waited long enough to know, but thanks anyway to whoever you are. I really enjoyed them.

Our site manager, Debbie Slone, received roses also, that said “From your sweetheart.” We know who that is, don’t we, David?

Helen Bentley won a beautiful door wreath decorated by Messenger Florist. Thanks, Sue and Ron, we really appreciate both of you.

Judith Vermillion and Carl Parrott each won a large box of Valentine candy. Debbie Miranda won a candle. Community Trust Bank sent us a cake all decorated in red that said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” We had every kind of food you could imagine.

That Jim Craft made our day. He received two gifts, one was a tie with red lips all over it, and the other gift was . . . oh no! maybe I shouldn’t tell what it was until I ask him, but it had red hearts all over it. You know what? He put them both on and I took his picture and I have it hanging on our bulletin board.

Jim is a great guy, but don’t tell him I said this because his head is now so big he can hardly get through the door. Please don’t give my secrets away to him, as he already gives me a hard time. But anyway, he is a good old boy.

If you want to have fun, just come along and join us. As you see, we have a great time.

Last week we went to Kingscreek to view a videotape program about how to manage medications, and we all received a certificate of completion for watching the video. Eugene Slone was there, and he also talked to us about locking up our medicines and keeping them away from children and others.

Tammy from L.K.L.P. talked to us about having our homes winterized and how they would fill out the information for us to have it done.

I now have some sad news, as two of our wonderful seniors have died. They were Billy Paul Frazier, who he came to our center for years before he got sick, and Bonnie Sue Stallard, one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. She always had a smile for everyone and every day before she left she would tell me that she loved me. We know Jack misses her very much. She was 80 years old.

Thank you, Judge Ward, for letting us have our party and dinner.

Come and join our center if you don’t go to any. We’ll be glad to have you come.

So for now, God bless until next time.

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