Whitesburg KY

Seniors have been on the move

The Ermine Senior Citizens Center has been on the move again. About 25 of us went to Camp Nathanael last Thursday and we had a wonderful day. After leaving there, we went to the Amish Store and bought goodies.

Friday we went to Wise, Va., to shop. Eleven of us went. We hit lots of stores, and ate lunch at the steakhouse in Norton. We had a great day.

Lennon and Yvonne Hammock didn’t go, as Yvonne had been in the hospital and didn’t feel up to going. We missed them and hope they can go on our next trip.

Saturday afternoon, I got a great surprise. My cousin, Tammie, and her husband, Clay Anstead of Provo, Utah, showed up at my door. I was happy to see them. They stayed about three hours.

Clay is in the military and has been in Fort Belvoir, Va., doing some military training. He had just come back from Iraq after spending a year there.

He is an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. They were going back home to Utah next week. We sure had a good visit.

We’re planning for this week’s fun at the center. So, senior citizens, come to our center and see what it’s all about. You will be glad that you did.

God bless until next time.

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