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Seniors hear about scams


Our sympathy goes out to Bill Meade and family over the loss of Pat Meade. She was very well liked and will be missed by many.

Jenkins had a great weekend. I went on Saturday night to see ‘Dr. Elvis,’ the Snake Man and Charlie Brown and the Coasters. It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Good job, Jenkins Committee.

Tuesday, all the centers went to Hazard for a very informational meeting. The first speakers were Senator Brandon Smith and Representative Fitz Steele. They talked about the phone company trying to stop having landline service in our area. The phone company said the entire area could be serviced by cell phone. That isn’t true in my area. Write a snail-mail letter to your Senator saying what is going on in your area.

Lori Farris talked about scams being used, not only on the elderly, but anyone they can. If a deal sounds too good to be true, watch out! Peggy Roll, director of Human Services for KRADD, had tips and information on lots of services for the elderly. If you have a need or a question, call her.

I have a list of telephone numbers for help lines, including if you want to stop so many telemarketing calls. If you need a number, call me at 606-633-1586.

Don’t let others make a victim out of you. Use your head, that’s the best defense.

Not much news here, I’ve been petting a bum knee and thinking about firing that knee and only using the other one. (If only that were possible.)

Enjoy this weather. It won’t be long before cold weather will be sneaking up on us.

Until next time, smile, it works wonders for your face.

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