Whitesburg KY

Seniors learn to manage problems


Hello from Kingscreek. Hopefully this nasty weather is about over. I see plowed gardens, but it’s too cold and wet to plant.

At the center we have had several of our dear ladies ill. We miss seeing them at the center.

We are currently taking a class at the center about managing our problems. We are also learning to set goals and ways to help us reach those goals. Another center is joining us in this class, and we are so glad they came to visit us.

All of the centers are getting ready for the Senior Games. They are so much fun. I like a little competition every once in awhile.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had Audie and Allison Fields and their five children, Audie III, Austin, Brady, Ally and Ashley; Greg Eldridge and his girlfriend, Melody Combs, and her little girl Sierra; Estus Pryor and his daughter (I can’t remember her name), and all won at least one prize.

We held this at my daughter Bunny Dollarhyde and Josh Cornett’s place. They had it decorated so pretty.

A big hello to Danny Burt. Just so he knows what is going on at Kingscreek.

My pup, Biscuit, is growing like a weed but I hope he doesn’t get much bigger. He already thinks he’s a pit bull instead of a chiweinie.

It’s late and this needs to get to the newspaper office. Keep praying for our county, we need it now more than ever.

Keep smiling and loving others. It will pay off in the long run.

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