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Seniors left standing in Frankfort

It’s time again for a chat from Kingscreek Center.

Several centers went to Frankfort on Tuesday, March 20, to have input with Johnny Ray Turner. Somewhere between the lady from AARP, Mr. Turner and our center director, there was a miscommunication. We were told to be there by 11:30. We arrived at 11:15 and ate lunch at the Capitol cafeteria. Then it was walk to the proper entrance and stand. This was really hard on some of the ladies.

They call us dumb hillbillies and standing in the hall at the Capitol for over an hour doesn’t help people’s opinion of us.

Centers represented were Blackey, Colson, Oven Fork, Boone Fork, Jenkins and ours. We enjoyed each other’s company but not the experience.

Girls from our center making the trip were Barbara Eldridge, Judy Eldridge, Faye Herron, Brenda Fields, Eulah Miller, Joni Fields, Sue Williams and me, and Cathy Ingram was our driver. I was very impressed with our group.

We were to wear t-shirts with AARP on them. Eleven of us gave our sizes plus our workers. They brought us four shirts. We refused them. It was to be “one for all and all for one.” We stuck together as we should have. We can take this as a lesson learned.

Thursday, we had our potluck. Such good food and as usual I ate too much.

We planned an Easter get-together at the park at Kingscreek. They have built a beautiful park there. It is kept clean and well maintained. We are definitely going to hunt Easter eggs. We don’t want to grow up.

Now for my soapbox moment. I am going to write to Mr. Turner to ask him if he knew we were coming and chose to ignore us or if this was bad planning by AARP. Either way, we have a right to know. Our older citizens deserve to be treated better than that. End of speech.

Have a great week. Get out and enjoy the flowers and trees; they are beautiful. If you want to surprise people, keep your word to them. Most of us are not used to that.

Until next week enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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