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Seniors planning their prom

Hello to all out there in Mountain Eagle
land who read my news. I hope all are having a great day.

I have been gone to Huntsville, Ala, to take care of my daughter, Janet Albright. She has been very sick but is doing better. She has gone back to work for now.

I also spent a few days with my son, Darius, and family. His birthday was April 30, and I got to have dinner at Cheddars with him and Sheila, his wife, and his daughter Stephanie Wright. We had a great time.

Ermine Center turned in the most money for Relay for Life of all the centers, so we won the pizza party for the second time. We won the first year, also. We will have our party this month sometime.

Wednesday, today, we will be going to the senior games, so come on, Ermine seniors, and win. Bring those medals home to Letcher County.

The 21st we are having our Veteran’s Day picnic at Fishpond Lake, so Rhuford Hart will be slinging hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill.

Then, May 28, we are having our senior prom at the Shriners Building. All the centers will be there and we are looking for a great time.

I guess you are wondering how I put my news in the paper and me in Alabama, but I didn’t write for four weeks.

Colene Hart was my assistant. Did she do well? I thought so.

Some of our seniors have been sick and had surgery. Andrew Sexton had surgery, and then two days later, his wife, Sue, had knee surgery.

Also, Charles Day had to go to Whitesburg Hospital, then was transferred to Pikeville Hospital the next day. They said it was his heart, but he is home now.

I hope they are all doing well.

Ermine Center recently went to Wise to the new flea market. It was a huge one, too. We ate lunch at Bonanza, and they were so nice to us. They opened up one of their pretty rooms for us so we could all sit together.

Coming back, we stopped at the other flea market and bought a few things, then back to the center we came.

We had a great day and a good time, as we always do when we’re together.

Jim Craft and Lennon Hammock tried to trade me off over there. But I wouldn’t stay around them, so they couldn’t.

Three days this past week Rhuford and Colene Hart went on a trip. She was supposed to give me the news about it, but she didn’t.

I think they went on a late honeymoon and stayed in a motel at Paintsville. Come on, guys, now were you on your honeymoon, or just on a vacation? What do you Ermine seniors think?

Last week my friend and I went to the fish supper at the Shriners, and guess what? It looked like we were at the center, as about 12 or 15 of our seniors were there. We had a good supper and enjoyed being with everyone again.

I received a good welcome when I went to the center after being gone for the three weeks. Everyone had to hug me, even my old buddy. Then he asked me had I been gone. It was sure good to be back home.

Enough about me. See you all at the senior games and the prom.

God bless until next time.

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