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Seniors spot bear, cubs

Hello. I’m Letha Dollarhyde, a proud member of the Kingscreek Senior Center. We would like to keep the county aware of the things we are up to.

Since this is my very first article for the paper, there are a lot of things I have to learn. If you want to contact me, my number is 633-1586.

Oct. 18 was Stop Senior Abuse Day. We discussed the different kinds of abuse that can happen to the elderly and sick. Don’t be afraid to report this abuse if you see it happening.

Potluck lunch was on Nov. 18. The food was great and I ate too much. In this case, too many cooks make for a fat senior.

Nov. 20, the ladies went shopping at Dollar General Store, and on the way back to Walmart we saw a mama bear and two cubs. They were trying to climb a cliff to get away from the traffic. I sure hope they made it. They were so cute.

Saturday, Nov. 22, a group from our center attended the War on Coal Rally. There was a good crowd with some good speeches. They had great music by Stella Parton, Halfway to Hazard, and Bobby Osborne. It had a lot of us tapping our toes.

There were booths with giveaways, lots of food, and for the brave, free helicopter rides. For the rest of us there was mini golf, miners had a coal shoveling contest, and truck drivers showed off their skills.

We had a Halloween party at the new rec center in town. All the others were there. Lots of laughs, games and food.

We stopped to treat the Cowan Head Start before going on to the center for potluck lunch.

If you are a senior and would like to join us, please call Cathy at 633-7287 at the Kingscreek Senior Citizens Center.

That’s about all for now. I will try to have a little something each week. In the meantime, be good to each other.

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