Whitesburg KY

Seniors to go to Frankfort to show support

The seniors from the Colson Senior Citizens Center went to Yoder’s Market at Hindman. Let me tell you about our stop at Dairy Queen in Hindman. A great-looking 88-year-old gentleman wanted to know if we had any widow women. We introduced him to our “widow” and he was so impressed with her. We will keep you informed if a romance blossoms.

The trip to Frankfort to show support for senior services is scheduled for Feb. 12. We will leave the center at 7 a.m. If you haven’t signed up to go, please do so. We have so much fun on our trips.

February birthday wishes to Joan Hall, Debbie Gibson, Susie Jent, Bruce Sturgill, Jimmy Darrell Gibson, Wesley Webb, Opal Fouts, Linda Lou Lucas, and Brittany Brock.

Watch out, Boone Fork seniors, we are practicing Rook. Hope we can get together soon.

We have some of the best volunteers in the world and we do appreciate all they do.

We are collecting food for the Letcher County Food Pantry. Thanks to everyone who has donated.

Special thanks to our dessert bakers, Opal Fouts, Opalene Anderson, Henrietta Thomas and June Sergent.

Melvin Hall donated a radio/ CD player and even brought some good music. Thanks, Melvin.

Hobert Sergent has been collecting donations on a set of Home Interior pictures donated to the center by Eula Short. Hobert has so many friends and he appreciates them all. All our seniors are involved with this project. The pictures will be given away March 20. Stop by the center to see the pictures.

Our wall of fame is coming along.

If you haven’t been by the center recently, please stop by. We love everyone and love to visit.

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