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Seniors view Bristol Christmas lights

Pictured at the Marlowe reunion are (left to right) Frank Necessary, Pearl Pennington Noble, Charles Noble, and J.D. Banks.

Pictured at the Marlowe reunion are (left to right) Frank Necessary, Pearl Pennington Noble, Charles Noble, and J.D. Banks.

We had some really bad news this past week at Letcher County Senior Citizens. One of our special members (well I guess they are all special), Rose Collier, whom Mom and I have gotten really close to over the past seven months, wasn’t there for a few days. When I asked about her I found out her son that lives in Ashland had fallen and hit his head while doing some carpentry work. He was on life support for a few days and then passed away. His funeral services were Dec. 4. I think they said he was in his 30s. So unbelievable, but it certainly makes me realize how fragile our lives are.

James 4:14: Whereas you know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then it vanisheth away.

We also hated to hear about the passing of Nell Collins Vance. I know her daughter, Sheila Biggerstaff, will miss her greatly. She was also as close to her mom as we are to ours.

From left to right are Mildred Necessary Spence and Opal Necessary Haynes.

From left to right are Mildred Necessary Spence and Opal Necessary Haynes.

Deb Baker, the director at Senior Citizens, came up with a great idea. She thought it would be a good idea to start listing our birthdays. This month those that we know of are George McHone and David Mullins on the 2nd, Richard Jones on the 3rd, and Estill Taylor on the 6th. And although she isn’t a member of the senior citizens, my aunt Linda Hall is having a birthday on the 8th. She loves for everyone to remember it too.

Community Trust Bank always sends a cake at the beginning of the month to wish everyone a happy birthday. Maranda Webb sends goodies to them quite often too. They all know her as the young woman upstairs that makes the others exercise. We want to thank them so much for caring for seniors. You all just don’t know how much this means to them.

This week on Tuesday, the seniors took a trip to Bristol to see the Christmas lights. They left at 2 p.m., so they would be there at night. They have taken this trip in past years and they all loved it. Then on the 8th we will have a visitor from the Letcher County Extension Office.


Then our Christmas party will be on the 20th. If you plan on coming, please bring some kind of finger food. And on the 22nd we will have Christmas Cookie Day. I’m not really sure what all that involves, but I’m sure I will learn before then.

This was posted in Facebook from Bessie McPeek and shared by Billie June Richardson and I wanted to put it in here in case someone had any instrument they weren’t using: “I was told in a meeting this morning. Jenkins High School Band students are in dire need of band instruments. If you have any instruments that your children or you don’t need any more and you would like to donate them please let me know. I will gladly get the instruments to them. Thank you in advance.”

I saw on Facebook where the Whitesburg shape note singing will be meeting at the Hemphill Community Center on the 18th at 2 p.m. to go Christmas carolling. On the 21st they will be having their regular shape note singing at 6 p.m. at the Boone Building in Whitesburg. If you need more information about these you can contact Ben Fink.

I also saw this announced and it sounds wonderful: The Nativity play in the Chapel at Pine Mountain Settlement School on Dec. 17 at 2:30 and 6:30 pm. There will also be a reception following each performance at the Laurel House. For more information, you can call 606-558-3571.

We are sure loving all the Christmas decorations in town and out in the communities too. I love driving through Little Colly, and I get to go that way at least twice a week on my way home from church. Some of them take my breath away.

One has lots of the oldfashioned, hard plastic yard ornaments and they take me back many years every time I see them. When we were young dad used to take us out to see the Christmas lights but back then people just started putting them up about two weeks before Christmas and they were the gigantic lights, not the little ones. Mom still has some of the old cords that they used back then.

Oma’s son Billy Hatton and his wife Sandra have their home decorated beautifully too. And then across the road Alice Mason has a Santa collection that is amazing. I saw a special once on the government channel about it and she also has them throughout her home, not just outside.

Another one I have to mention is Terry and Sandra Wilson’s down on Colson close to Mom’s so I get to see it quite often. If you get a chance to drive any of these roads with your children they would love seeing all these lights and decorations.

When my husband and I do our Christmas shopping I’m reminded of what our Christmases were like. One year there was a note left and of course Dad was the one that read it out loud. It said things about what was left lying in the floor causing him to fall and things left on the basement steps giving him trouble and causing him to drop all kinds of nuts on the steps.

Unlike now, that was the only time of the year we got any fruit or nuts. I remember visualizing Santa Clause falling in our house and worried about him not being able to finish his route that night.

Another year when we were older and knew where our presents came from, Dad let us each have so much money to order from the Sears Wish Book. Now you talk about five children that thought they were rich, well we spent hours upon hours examining that catalog.

I changed my order many times. I think it was just $25 but to me it felt more like $500. I don’t really remember what I ended up ordering, but I remember my brother Albert ordered a plastic toboggan and when it came it was in a cylinder kind of like a poster. We thought there was no way that could hold that toboggan.

But, when he pulled it out it was made of blue, hard plastic and rolled up so tight. And, buddy let me tell you something, that thing would slide down the holler faster than lightning. Even faster than a sled or inner tube.

I want to tell you all something that happened to Mom when she was about five or six years old. She told us this many times when we were growing up and we would get her to tell us just about every Christmas.

Mamaw and Papaw Pennington had hid their presents in a big trunk one year and Mom’s older sister Maizie, found them. She got Mom to look at them with her and found out they had gotten dolls.

I don’t know if they had their names on them or not, but Maizie knew which one was hers and which one was Mom’s. Then on Christmas when Papaw Pennington was dressed as Santa and was giving out their presents, he got the dolls mixed up and was about to give Mom the one that belonged to Maizie.

Mom spoke up and said, “Huh uh, Santie, that’s hers.” I love to hear Mommy say it and I hope the way she says it comes out in this writing.

Once again please remember all the families that will be celebrating the holidays without their loved ones. Please remember to pray for comfort for our pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy. Also keep praying for my aunt Linda Hall and mother-in-law Evelyn Yonts.

Remembering Oma Hatton again as she would always say, “Try your best to be in church this Sunday,” and I add if your church has services Sunday evening or throughout the week God wants you there then, too!

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