Whitesburg KY

Seniors win medals

Hello from Kingscreek Center.

How is everyone? We are doing pretty well.

Mae Boggs is not feeling well, and we eagerly await her return.

We have had a very social week. Tuesday, Oven Fork Center joined us for potluck. We served grilled burgers, hot dogs, Polish sausage and chicken. There were lots of different sides and desserts. I hope they enjoyed themselves.

We played Bingo and cards, and as usual, get a group of seniors, and there is a lot of talking. Visiting us from Oven Fork were Nancy Hubbard, Peggy Sturgill, Ruby Adams, Elaine McFall and Linda Curry, Marvelene Quillen and Faye Halberstoat, Donald and Ronald Halberstoat, along with Carmon Brock, site manager. Thank you again for coming. We enjoyed the visit.

Our people attending were Sue Williams, Judy Eldridge, Faye Herron, Brenda Fields, Ethel Banks, Margie Sturgill, Elaine Mullins, Loreva Fields, Eulah Miller, Erva D. Hart, Harold Day, Arnold Mullins, Genita Callihan, Loreen Hampton, George Roark, Barbara Huff and myself. Cathy Ingram, our site manager, was there also.

Jona Fields and Barbara Eldridge had to deliver meals.

Thursday, we went to the Senior Games at the Knott County Sports Complex. Attending from our center were Barbara Eldridge, Cathy Ingram (our driver), Jona Fields, Genita Callihan, Harold Day, Judy Eldridge, Faye Herron, Margie Sturgill, Sue Williams, Colleen Cornett and myself.

Three of the men drove themselves over, Marvin Herron, Arnold Mullins and Levon Williams.

We had a blast, and brought home a few medals. Shuffleboard, Joni Fields, second; darts, Judy Eldridge, first; washer toss, Harold Day and Marvin Herron, first; spin casting, Judy Eldridge second, Faye Herron, second, Sue Williams, second, myself, second, Marvin Herron, first, Arnold Mullins, first, Harold Day, second, and Levon Williams, second.

I hope these are correct, as it was very hard to hear over their system. Judge Jim Ward also got a trophy for us.

They served us hot dogs and burgers with all the trimmings. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

On our way home, we stopped at the Amish Store in Hindman. It was a very full day.

Have a happy week and make someone smile; you will both enjoy it. Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute you can.

Until next time, bye.

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