Whitesburg KY

Sentencings include Millstone woman charged with failing to report case of child abuse

A woman accused of hiding the abuse of a girl under 12 years old has pleaded guilty in Letcher Circuit Court.

Ashley Church Hall, 31, of 182 High Knob Drive, Millstone, was sentenced to 90 days in jail on the charge of failure to report child abuse, and two years for tampering with a witness. She will not go to jail. Instead, Letcher Circuit Judge James W. Craft II ordered that she be released from jail and receive five years probation on the charges.

Hall was accused of trying to persuade a young girl not to testify against Robert D. Hall, 29, of Elkhorn City, who is charged with sexual abuse of a child under 12.

In other court actions, Martha Sue Hall, 47, of 77 Morgan Lane, Jackhorn, pled guilty to two separate indictments, each with a single charge of each of the following offenses: Making a false statement or misrepresenting to receive benefits greater than $100, failure to report change in the eligibility factors to receive benefits, fraudulent use/obtaining a food stamp EBT card to receive benefits greater than $100, and fraudulent scheme to receive food stamp benefits greater than $10,000.

Judge Craft sentenced her to five years in prison, probated for five years, on each indictment. Both terms are to run at the same time.

Also pleading guilty last week was Andrew Eldridge, 33, of 600 Adams Branch, Jeremiah. Eldridge pleaded guilty to flagrant non-support for being behind in child support payments by $25,571.16.

Judge Craft ordered him to pay a total of $406.25 per month toward the child support until the amount that is in arrears is paid, and spend five years on probation.

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