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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

September has arrived in the Ohio Valley

Hello again! It is hard to believe that summer seems to be fleeting so fast. September has arrived. It has been rather dry in certain parts of the Ohio Valley area.

The backyard had a huge area where the grass had turned almost brown. We had a heck of a rain that lasted a while. Afterwards I went out to the back deck to feel the coolness, and the grass had perked up and green was showing that fast. It was unbelievable the difference of the grass in such a short period of time.

The coolness started hurting my right ankle and the joint of my left toe where arthritis was chewing on it as it seemed. Needless to say I came back in the house, wrapped my feet and legs in my electric blanket, trying to get some comfort.

Tuesday I started physical therapy, after a little while to get through some mix-up through medical orders from the orthopedic doctor. We finally got down to therapy, which I had already been doing the basic movements on my own for my ankle. I was shown a couple of new ones for my wrist. I have torn ligaments in my wrist where I hit the steering wheel while fighting with the airbag that was covering my face. I am so short instead of the air bag striking in my chest it hit me full in the face.

Seatbelts have play in the shoulder straps that let me fling forward then hit the back of my head against the head rest. Even let my abdomen hit the bottom of the steering column bruising me and causing internal bleeding. Now tell me how safe the seat belts are.

Thank God I am actually walking with less pain, yet I am so uncoordinated I lose my balance.

Thursday evening, Vicki Power and I went on a venture to Washington Par in Cincinnati to see Rabbit Hash String Band, which features Warren and Judy Waldron and Russ and Barb Childers. The band has been together for many yeas.

It was sort of difficult to find Washington Park, as I was looking in front of Music Hall and it was located in the back. The park is a beautiful place, with a fountain and playground for the children to enjoy. I wish I had been able to walk around to see everything, especially the fountain. There were real nice chairs in the stage area.

The only thing it seems that several people thought their huge dogs might enjoy the music as it was overrun with dogs. No offense, I am not an animal hater, it just seems that people could be considerate of others.

I will say I almost got sick to my stomach, when some woman was eating, gave the dog a bite from her hand, rubbed the dog then kept right on eating.

A homeless man who was wearing a jacket with a hood pulled over his head walked through the park, sat in the chair next to Vicki, in a few minutes he was asleep.

I didn’t carry my purse with me; I had put a little money in my jean pocket. I said nothing to Vicki. I really fought a battle with myself as I wanted to pull my last twenty dollars out of my pocket to slip in his hand. Finally I made the decision not to as I didn’t know if he was an addict or what and I am not supporting their habit. It still bothers me that I didn’t do as my conscience was telling me.

I really had to concentrate to enjoy the music, which was wonderful, although the crickets were singing in the trees louder than the band. They finally went to sleep.

Labor Day weekend there were so many venues having music I really didn’t know which way to go. Saturday morning I decided to go to Metamora, Ind., when I left home it was warm but cloudy. Daphne Korner met me in the parking lot, then we had a distance to walk to the stage area.

By the time I got to Metamora it rained a bit, when I reached the destination of the stage I knew I had made a mistake as the temperature began to drop. I really wanted to see a couple of bands that featured Jericho Old Time Band with Warren and Judy Waldron, and Dale Farmer and Amy. This is the first time the four have performed in some time. They were great as usual. Later Warren and Judy Waldron performed as Pine Ridge Partners. These two play in another group also.

I didn’t have a jacket, and needless to say I was uncomfortable all day, even though we were under a huge tent. I left the music event and came home early as my right ankle was letting me know it had enough.

I hurt so bad Saturday night that I couldn’t rest. You’ve heard the expression, no rest for the wicked!

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers meeting. Unless someone has been in charge of setting up, no one knows what goes on beforehand. My son Keith was home so he carried everything to the car for me, since we meet next door to where I live. Thank goodness two of our members were already there. One was young enough to help carry the heavy things inside the hall for me.

Old Time Fiddlers is finally getting more people interested. I signed up four new members.

We have had a guest singer for the last two meetings. He plays and sings more country, which is alright as we are a multi group with old-time, country and bluegrass music. The man plays guitar and has such a powerful voice; he is a very good singer. We enjoy having him. For the first time we had three fiddles which sounded great.

Warren and Judy Waldron has been founding members of Old Time Fiddlers for about thirty some years. We may be looking for a new place to meet as VFW will be changing their meeting time at the end of February. It is at such a late time that members can’t make it as several go to evening church.

If worse comes to worse I may have the meetings at my house. It will take me until the end of February to make my house presentable. There are times I feel like throwing in the towel and saying here are the things you need someone take it over.

At the present time the Hurricane Dorian is playing havoc. I hope everyone who has family in the path of its destruction is safe. We had a severe thunderstorm last night, with fierce winds and lightning.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner lives in South Carolina. I’m glad she is far enough away that she will probably get the rain not the high winds.

Ann had to go to wound care with her leg. She went to her specialist and was told she should have been sent to her weeks ago when this happened. I get disgusted with medical people as I think sometimes medicine is a means for some to get rich while we get poor. The cost of prescriptions is ridiculous

Again I’ve let another week go by and haven’t checked on Les and Pat Wagner.

Buddy Grubbs, who is connected with the Veterans Memorial in Whitesburg, has been ill for some time. Buddy is home now; he has to go to Whitesburg Hospital for treatments each day.

This is what his wife Bernice Grubbs has to say about an employee, the director of the transfusion room at WARH, Jennifer Dixon, who does an amazing job of caring for her patients who need IV transfusions. Also, patients are offered meals, snacks, drinks, warmed blankets, privacy if wanted, TVs with each station, and cheerful conversation and friendly smiles.

Carcassonne Community Square Dance is September 14; Sunrise Ridge will be the featured band.

Campbell’s Branch Community Center, Sept. 13. Sunrise Ridge will be there, please keep this on your agenda.

Letcher County Picnic, Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, OH 45030, Sept. 21 at 12 p.m. Please bring a covered dish and your drink. For information, call 513-526-8512. I really hope everyone is alright to make it to Letcher County Picnic.

Hello to Hayward and Kim Day. I hope to see you soon.

Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harr ison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com

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