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September wouldn’t give up summer heat

Hello everyone and welcome to October. As September was winding down, it didn’t seem to want to give up the heat of summer. I believe October is going to follow in September’s footsteps for a few days. I hope everyone has been staying cool with all of the heat.

My cousin Shirley and Mike Harris of Tinsley, Miss., came in for a short visit. They had been traveling and were on their way home. They went to Virginia Beach, Niagara Falls, Lake Erie, and Washington, D.C. along with other stops during their travels. It was great seeing them for a short period of time. Shirley and Mike, John and Faye Campbell, Mike and I went to Pine Mountain Grill for dinner one evening. We talked all through the meal and afterwards in the parking lot Shirley, Mike, Mike, and I talked. Shirley and Mike are going to try to come back this fall.

Mike and I went to our first Whitesburg Day. We enjoyed walking up and down Main Street looking at all of the booths and decorations. When we were in front of the courthouse, I went in and registered to vote. When I would think about registering, I wouldn’t be around the courthouse. I’m glad I did that.

I took a grape jelly making class at the CANE kitchen. It was fun and informative. I’m excited to taste my jelly this week. The class was led by Callie Blair and Brandon Fleming. Those participating in that particular class were: Kyla Goodgame, Vivian Goodgame, Bill Parks, Matilda Parks, Norma Fleming, Barbara Fleming, Ginger Isaac, Edwina Shepherd, Linda Setzer, Jackie Frazier, and Debbie Adams. I had never made jelly before and I learned a lot from Debbie Adams as she worked beside of me. I appreciate all of her help and Callie Blair’s help.

My aunt, Susan Stamper of Lexington, wrote and sent me a lovely letter. My sister, Susan Ware of Lexington, also sent me a letter a few days earlier. I was feeling special getting two letters in a week. I think a handwritten (even typed) letter is a more personal way to keep in touch.

I went into the Home For The Holiday Shoppe. It is great. I loved all of the decorations and I even got some ideas. It was too hot to think about buying decorations that day, but I plan to go back.

Connor Eversole of Pikeville had a bad bicycle wreck. He broke both wrists and had a concussion. He was flown to Lexington for the wrist surgeries. He’s home now and should have a positive recovery. His parents are Frederick and Tiffany Eversole and his grandmother is Doris Ison of Cowan.

We had a good time at the Mountain Heritage Parade. I hadn’t been to a Whitesburg parade since the 1960s and this was a good parade. Afterwards we walked through all of the booths and ate a hot dog we bought from one of the food venders. It was fun. I saw two people that I knew that day, cousin Laura Bates and cousin Mike Watts. I’m looking forward to next year’s Mountain Heritage Festival.

Martie Bradford came in for the Mountain Heritage Festival. Her daughter Hannah and granddaughter Reese, her daughter Madison and boyfriend Bryan, and her son Brett and girlfriend Jenna came in also. Martie is the daughter of Millie and David Banks of Cowan.

Kevin and Kim Garrett came in for the Mountain Heritage Festive. Their grandson Jackson, son Cameron and his girlfriend came in also.


Jason Brown and his girlfriend were in for the weekend. Kevin and Jason are the sons of Randy and Eula Brown of Cowan.

We went with my brother to McDonald’s to get the ‘free coffee’ cup on Friday. This is a great idea and I’m glad McDonald’s does it. It wasn’t a long wait and the handing out of cups at 7 a.m. was quick. It was good to be up and out that early. Since retirement happened, I sleep in.

My sister-in-law, Faye Campbell, has been admitted to Hazard ARH. Hopefully she’ll be released soon. Gretta Newome of Berea, Michael Campbell of Newport, and Janis Marr of Berea all came in to visit Faye at the hospital.

My cousin, Doris Caudill, hasn’t been feeling well. I hope she’s better.

I’m sending a happy anniversary wish to our son and daughter-in-law, Brad and Becky Wenning, on Oct. 8. It’s their eighth anniversary.

We’re having a John H. Campbell and Mary Smith Campbell family reunion on Oct. 5. I’m looking forward to it, as I have had to miss the last few. All of the aunts and uncles are gone but we are staying connected.

This is the list of October birthdays. Happy birthday to everyone.

Oct. 2 – Helen Roberts; Oct. 3 – Tom Ison; Oct. 9 – Dean Fields; Oct. 10 – Renee Sturgill Boyer; Oct. 14 – Mike Wenning; Oct. 15 – Joanna Halcomb Brewer and David Baker; Oct. 17 – Thelma Ison; Oct. 19 – Jessica Cole Pease, Faye Campbell, and Anderson Tucker Marr; Oct. 21 – John Rayburn; Oct. 24 – Amber Lee Surber; Oct. 29 – Tasha Brown; Oct. 30 – Karen Fields; and Oct. 31 – Mark Wenning

The social media quote of the week is: “Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.”

If you have any news, please email me at Cowan- News@aol.com. Thank you, and enjoy October.

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