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Septic system grants available

For a limited time, Letcher County ’s low-income homeowners can apply for a PRIDE grant to replace a failing septic system or straight pipe. The PRIDE grants will pay for installation of a septic system or connection to a public sewer system, if one runs by the home.

“These grants are for homeowners who want to do the right thing but can’t afford a septic system or sewer connection,” explained Tammie Wilson of PRIDE, which is the nonprofit organization offering the grants.

“A good septic system or sewer service is critical for the health of homeowners and their neighbors,” Wilson said. “They protect the streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater that we all share. They also are required by state law.”

The septic system grants are intended to improve the quality of life for homeowners and to improve the environment of southern and eastern Kentucky , which is the mission of PRIDE. PRIDE was founded in 1997 by Congressman Hal Rogers and James Bickford, who was the Kentucky Environmental Protection Secretary.

PRIDE encourages applicants who meet these criteria:

You own the home that needs a septic system or sewer connection. (Rental properties, leased properties and land contracts are not eligible for this grant program.)

You have electrical service at the home. The electric bill must show the physical address of the residence where the system will be installed, not a post office box.

The combined income of everyone living in the home qualifies under 55 percent HUD poverty guidelines.

“Please be sure you give us everything asked for in the grant application,” Wilson said. “For example, the application tells you to include copies of your recorded deed, your last electric bill, and the proof of income for everyone living at the home. The proof of income can be a recent check stub, federal income tax statement, or Social Security benefits statement.”

To request a grant application, call the PRIDE office, toll free, at 888-577-4339. Grant applications also are available from local PRIDE Coordinators. In Letcher County, the PRIDE Coordinators are: Gary Cornett, 606-633-9461; Sandy Hammock (City of Whitesburg ), 606-633-3700; James Collins (City of Fleming-Neon ), 606-855-9026; Mason Tackett (City of Jenkins ), 606- 633-0126; and Jim Scott (McRoberts), 606-832-4789.

Grant applications can also be printed at www.kypride.org.

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