Whitesburg KY

Sergent, Engle families gather for reunion

Northeast Ohio

Hey, y’all, hope all are well and having a great day.

Our Engle-Sergent picnic is now in the past and I must say it was a good un, even though it rained about all day and attendance was down somewhat. But everyone seemed to be having a good time visiting and of course eating. We had enough food for everyone and that many more.

I don’t have any numbers but I think I can remember all who were there. All four of my broth- ers were present but only one sister, Sarah Belle from Cincinnati. Also in attendance were: Chester and Jettie with their neighbors Mike and Lisa from North Ridgeville, Ohio; Henry Warren and daughter Melissa Taylor from Murray; Richard and Georgia from Lorain, Ohio; Ronald Buford and Johnell from Huntsville, Ala.; two of the children of our late sister Ethel Sanders, Marsha Hall from Whitesburg, and Tim Sanders from Mesa, Ariz.; Billy Wayne and Redia Engle of Elyria, Ohio; Debbie and Billy Resor of Wellington, Ohio, along with their children, Cassie, Ben and Kristin; Rick and Joyce Sergent of Lorain, Ohio, with their children, Lauren, Jordan and twins Brandon and Bailee; Jennifer and her seven children, Christopher, Meagan, Tyler, Lydia, Dakota, Damien and Alex, and her five guests, three adults and two young boys; Chris and Jenny Engle of Elyria, Ohio, with their children Julia and Evan; Valerie Engle and Catharine and Jeremy Taylor of Lorain; two of Redia’s brothers, Astor and Jay Lee Keathly of Columbus, Ohio; a friend of Redia’s, Winkie; and a friend of ours, Ovene Hamilton. Hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Henry and Melissa left on Sunday; everyone else left on Monday. After they left, Red and I picked and fixed enough beans to can seven quarts, put a gallon in the freezer, and gave Bill and Redia a peck. We picked enough today for a good cooking. We will have to pick more in a day or so, and will can, freeze and maybe dry some. Red’s garden (such as it is) is really productive this year. Besides beans, we are also having plenty tomatoes. That’s all Red put out.

It was so good seeing Tim. And a real surprise, we hadn’t seen him since Mom died in 2001. We’re hoping he’ll be back next year and bring his wife, Becky. We’re looking forward to seeing some of the family next year.

Billy Wayne will have a new helper next year, you might say, has passed the torch to Bill’s daughter-in-law, Jenny. Of course she was the only one who volunteered. Good luck, Jenny,, and I’ll be around if needed.

Did we ever have a storm, thunder, lightening and rain so hard it was almost impossible to see the house across the street. Lots of flash floods around the county and more are predicted.

Red has talked to two of his sisters, Mae Sowards in Pound, Va., and Jean Hunsucker in Eolia, and also to his brother, Charles, in Jenkins.

I’ve talked to all my family except for Anna Lea. We really missed her and Jeanie this year. Jeanie called me and so did Ron from Charleston, where he and Johnell were going to spend a couple of days. I called Henry and Sarah to make sure they made it home safely.

Catharine and Jeremy are driving down to Columbus to visit his mom and a sister and her family who live there.

We had a pretty good shower earlier, but now and then the sun will peek out for a short while.

Red sends a big “thank you” to Kernel (Buddy) and Doris Phillips King in Davenport, Iowa. He got a beautiful birthday card from them. I wish I could remember dates like Doris does. She must have a built-in computer. Red also sends his love and so do I.

Think I’ll say hello and so long for now. Wishing everyone a life of peace and sunshine, love and prayers.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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