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Sergents celebrate anniversary

Well, another week has come and gone and what a week it was. Red and I are trying to decide whether to buy a boat or build an ark. Right now one would need wading boots to go in my garden to see if my beans are coming up, but the mustard is really showing lots of color and growing well.

Today I finally got around to writing a few letters. Hope to get all answered by the weekend. I’m not lazy, just a procrastinator. Oh yeah.

Richard and Georgia stopped by for a visit Saturday, and she’s back on antibiotics for her sinus problem but Richard seems to be doing well.

Georgia’s cousins, most of whom live in the Deane area, have really had their share of heartaches lately. A grandson of her cousin Joyce and Arthur Sergent died, then her cousin Bonnie Kincer died and Bonnie’s brother James Isaac had a son die recently. Both boys were so young and Bonnie wasn’t old. Such a great loss. My heart and prayers are with them.

I want to wish a very special couple congratulations on their ninth anniversary, which was Sunday, May 22. Ronald Buford and Johnell Sergent, of Huntsville, Ala., I’m talking about the two of you. I’m wishing you many, many more years of love and happiness. Ron really did himself proud and the whole family absolutely loves Johnell, she’s a downhome girl. By down-home I mean southern Mississippi, I think.

I talked to Georgia this morning, and she and Richard have two granddaughters who will soon be high school graduates, Cassie Provoznic (Debbie) from Wellington High School, and Lauren Sergent (Ricky) from Clearview. Both girls plan to attend college. Cassie will go to Lorain County Community College, and her goal is to be an elementary school teacher. Lauren will be a student at Toledo University, and she wants to be a pharmacist.

Ricky’s twins, Brandon and Bailee, are in D.C. on their eighth-grade trip. I hope the weather is warm and sunny and they are enjoying themselves.

I just can’t seem to accomplish anything today. Not one of my better days, as Mom used to say. I feel draggy. Northeast Ohio

I talked to Bill and Redia; they are both doing okay. Bill’s helper is back to work now so maybe he won’t have to be there all day for six days. He really needs a break.

Mae, Jean and Charles have all called Red this week. Everyone seems to be doing fairly well. It’s almost time for their picnic. I hope they have a beautiful day, a large crowd and a great time. I know for a fact they will have lots of good food. I wish we could be there with them.

I guess I had better get June birthdays in while my brain is still awake. I’m sure I don’t have the complete list but will get the rest in later. A happy, happy birthday to the following: Alvania Shepherd of Isom, June 2; Georgia Sergent of Lorain, June 6; Larry C. Adams (son of Carleta and Creighton) of Whitesburg, June 9; Timothy Mathew Adams (Carleta’s grandson) of Eolia, June 17; Abby (granddaughter of Thelma Watts) of Ten- nessee, June 21; my grandson Christopher McAtee of Elyria, June 28; and if I’m not mistaken Anna Lea’s granddaughter Hillary Brashear of McRoberts. Hillary is the daughter of French Joe and Kim Goins Brashear, and is a student at Pikeville College.

Also anniversary congratulations to Dannie and Betty Wells of Means, who will celebrate their 44th on June 30, and to Bill and Vanessa Shortt Welch of New York who will celebrate their seventh on May 25. Wishing both couples a long, loving and happy life together.

I just found out about another anniversary. On June 20, 1998, Jeremy Taylor and Catharine Engle said their vows at Duck Pond Park in Carlisle. Catharine is the daughter of the late Bob and Valerie Engle and granddaughter of Red and Emma Lou Sergent Engle.

And speaking of Catharine, she got off work early and is here now, so I’d better close shop and get this ready to get on the way to Kentucky.

So in closing have a peaceful night, sweet dreams and a great week. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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