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Set about cleaning out the attic

How many of you men out there have set about cleaning out the attic and after much thought, labor, and consideration couldn’t find but very few items you could part with? I’m sure a good many of you have done this only to have the lady of the house follow you and come up with enough discards to have a sizable yard sale.

Then you start looking for a certain item and are informed that item was sold in a yard sale, such items as your old sneakers you wore while playing ball in high school 20 or so years ago. You start thinking of all the games you played in and wore those same shoes. You remember all the tough games whether you won or lost. Or maybe someone special bought the shoes for you and that special someone is no longer around.

Then there is the old bicycle which used to be in a far corner of the attic leaning against the wall because the kickstand was broken. Both tires were flat and were taped where they had holes in them. It was your very first bicycle you had bought for your son or daughter, the one they learned to ride with. Then you remember all the spills, all the briar patches they went through while learning to ride, all the fences they ran into, and all the clotheslines they got tangled in or the paper route they had selling the Grit papers or all the times it was ridden to the store only to return with a good many of the eggs already scrambled.

Then there is the hoard of fishing tackle which hasn’t been used for ages. There were enough lures to catch any and every fish all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, with enough invested to pay for a week’s vacation. All it does now is collect dust and spider webs.

Over in the corner leaning against the wall is the old wooden sled made by Grandfather many, many years ago. You may still visualize all the times you rode it down through the pasture field, scaring the old cow in the process. There was no way to steer it and the only way to stop it was by dragging your toes behind it.

On the wall hangs your old BB gun. It also hasn’t been cocked for ages. But think of all the bottles you broke with it. Next to it hangs an old bugle, also silent for ages mostly because of all the noise it made.

All these treasures are gone now, victims of a yard sale by a woman who could sell a snowball to the Eskimos. All these treasures may have had a lot of sentimental value to you. They are worthless because they were never used.

That’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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