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Several from Letcher win ribbons at fair


Recently Martha Jane Smith was guest of honor at her birthday party. Her family had it at the Doermann Memorial Presbyterian Church at Blackey and many family and friends attended to help her celebrate.

Her and William Douglas’s son, Billy, and his family were in from California and attended. They spent some days here visiting before driving back to California.

Barney and Lela Back have had Lela’s sister Judy, her husband and Lela’s mother in for a few days visiting.

Lela was happy her grandkids did well at the state fair and they also sold some rabbits and chickens while there.

I also saw where Allen and Sylvania Whitaker’s grandsons had won ribbons at the fair.

Bonita and Jerry Adams, Liberty and Noah Campbell also went, and Noah got a blue award for his cured ham.

Also, congratulations to Brooke Saurer of Partridge, who came home with quite a few ribbons in different categories. Bonita and I recently became acquainted with her parents while wheeling and dealing in good country “junk”.

Since I wrote last, Lester Blair died at the Hazard Hospice Center. He was sick for a very short time and was well loved by so many, which was evident by the large, overfl owing crowd that attended his funeral and visitation. He was the son of the late Lilly and Hattie Blair, and husband of June. Our sympathy to his family.

A quilting was held at the Blair Branch Church kitchen to make quilts for the late John and Larenna Adams family reunion and for the Colley family reunion. They had dinner for those who came out to quilt or visit. Hopefully they get the quilts finished for the reunions.

We had a good service on Saturday and Sunday at the Blair Branch Church and a large crowd on Sunday.

Loye Caudill’s wife Brenda ‘Shorty’ joined at Big Leatherwood Church and will take her membership at Mount Olivet at Blackey.

Doreen Calhoun, Irene Jent, Dorse Fields and Iantha Adams all got together at Oma Fields’s cabin on Norris Lake in Tennessee. The brother and sisters enjoyed being together and had dinner together at their mom and dad’s, Oma and John R., fishing cabin. Other family members were also there.

Jenette Adams had a birthday dinner at her home on Sunday. Ellis and Ila Adams went over and had dinner with the family.

Lyndci Gilliam and Liberty Campbell spent most of Saturday cleaning their Mamaw Ila’s house for her and then on Sunday Ila and Ellis were glad to have a visit from Ila’s sister Kathy and her husband, who are staying a few days with them.

On Sunday after church, Bob and I took Lyndci and baby Sadie back to their home in Lexington. While there, we visited some friends in the hospital there and stopped by for awhile with our daughter Jessie and her husband Andy.

Ronnie G. and Maggie Back have gotten a new trailer and will be living at the lot above the store building Dorse and Gwen Fields used to run.

Elmer Caudill has been having health problems and spent some time in the hospital. He’s out and about and hopefully all better.

That’s all I have time for today.

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