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Several recovering from coronavirus


Sam and Marietta Profitt Collins . She had a birthday on the 21st.

Sam and Marietta Profitt Collins . She had a birthday on the 21st.

Merry Christmas everyone, especially all the Letcher County Senior Citizens. I got out a jigsaw puzzle last week and started working it to relieve a lot of stress. That may not work for some of you all, but it surely works for me. The whole time I was working on it I couldn’t help thinking about how the table next to the puzzle table in our senior center would always have two games going all the time. Rook was always one of the games and the other varied from time to time between Rook and who knows what.

Elmer Hammonds was either at the card table or out on the gym floor involved in a corn hole game. As many of you already know, he passed away over two weeks ago. Whenever we get to go back, he will surely be missed. I’m sure his family will need your prayers, this week especially.

I gave up the rec center for the time being. I’m kinda skittish about being places right now that I don’t have to be. So many of our friends are battling or are getting over this crazy virus right now. Today, here at Mom’s, every call for the Millstone Missionary Baptist Church prayer line was for people in our county with the virus.

The late Tim Hall and Karen Quillen Hall. She celebrated her birthday on the 21st.

The late Tim Hall and Karen Quillen Hall. She celebrated her birthday on the 21st.

Dan and Betty Lucas and one of their grandsons were three of those they called about. A few of our church members at Letcher Independent also have it, though they didn’t come in contact with it while at church. One of our church members that is staying with his daughter now, outside of Letcher County, also has come down with it. Remember him in your prayers. This is Jack Taylor from Blair Branch.

Also, the residents of Letcher Manor need our prayers as do the staff. Bill and Betty Frazier are now over it and it was so good to see Betty able to be back in church Sunday. My brotherin law’s brother, Charles Doug Holbrook, is now out of the hospital and was able to attend services at Goose Creek this past Sunday. God still answers prayers.

I have found the older I get the less material things I need for Christmas and the material things I need are things people make for me. The best present from my daughter was a necklace she made for me.

Jeremy and Maranda Webb. Maranda celebrated her birthday on the 21st.

Jeremy and Maranda Webb. Maranda celebrated her birthday on the 21st.

My husband received a very special gift from our grandson Seth. For a few years now Seth has been making things from leather. My husband had a few bits and pieces he had collected, some from my Dad’s collection and some from flea markets. For Christmas about three years ago he gave Seth some for a Christmas present. Well, this year Seth took a piece of the leather hide and made a sketchbook for Yonts. The piece he chose just happened to be the piece of leather that Dad would lay across his leg as he flaked off flint to make his own arrowheads.

I’ve mentioned before that Daddy was always busy trying his hand at just about anything. He loved collecting arrowheads and other Native American artifacts. One day he just decided he would try it himself. So, this sketchbook that Seth made for my husband now has a double meaning to it. Seth had no idea how much that would mean to my husband.

One Christmas after all us kids were married, Dad had a basket with five little pieces of paper with a number on each and had each of us draw out a paper and then the present that went with that number was hidden down the basement. Turns out he had made five quilt floor racks.

One year he did the same thing with handmade weaved baskets. He was unbeatable for sure. Christmas just doesn’t seem the same without him.

That leads me to this, please remember those that are going through their first Christmas without their loved ones. Also remember those that have lost a child. Their hurt and grieving is different from all others. Please remember our pastor, Bill Jones, and his family in this situation.

Okay for birthdays and two anniversaries I saw mentioned on Facebook — anniversaries were Darrell and Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill celebrated 54 years on the 21st and Keith and Greta Hogg Howard, also on the 21st. Birthdays were Margaret Hatton Combs, Marietta Profitt Collins, Helen Sue Adams Hall, Karen Quillen Hall, Maranda Webb, and Tiffany Yonts, all on the 21st. On the 22nd were Matilda Parks and Brenda Adams. Kevin Breeding, Jolinda Wright, Fayetta Keel on the 23rd. You know I thought March had a lot of birthdays but December’s outnumber March babies.

A few more prayer requests not already mentioned are Dorothy Sexton, Keaton Hall, Ray Smith, June and Bill Craft and their daughter Billie June Richardson. June, as you know, has had COVID but is doing better. Also remember Betty Frazier’s son Orville, my husband’s brother George Yonts, and Sandy Jones’s mother. She has been having some heart problems and needs a pacemaker, but isn’t willing to have one put in.

Do what you can to attend church Sunday. Being fed through the Bible is much more important than being fed physically. My oh my, how my ending has changed this year.

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