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Sewer project closer, Neon council learns

The Fleming-Neon City Council was told at its July meeting Monday night that bids for the Haymond sewer project could be advertised as early as September.

Water Department Superintendent Carlos Phillips said he was notified by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Agency that 11 signatures still are needed to meet the minimum number of 900 for the Haymond sewer project.

Phillips said there is no record of as many as 15 residents of Seco Drive, formerly known as No. 2 Hollow, signing up for the sewer service.

“I don’t know if they didn’t see the flyers to get signed up,” said Phillips.

Phillips said those residents will receive a notice this week that they need to get signed up for sewer. He said the deadline to sign up is August 5.

Phillips said an engineer is hoping to be able to advertise for bids by September.

“Hopefully everything will fall into place and we will get it done this time,” said Phillips.

The council also approved two resolutions pertaining to the Haymond sewer project — one for environmental mitigation measures and the other in relation to buildings located in the 100-year flood plain.

Council Member Cheryl Furby abstained from voting on the resolution concerning the 100-year flood plain because of what she said were concerns with a portion of the resolution that said the city council is “to deny sanitary sewer services to any individual, organization, entity or agency to knowingly build or construct in the 100-year flood plain.”

“That’s a little scary to think about,” said Furby.

The council also approved paying $6,632 to Kenvirons, a Lexington contractor, for a sewer study conducted last year.

Mayor Susan Polis said the bill, dated August 15, 2008, was for “something that had to be done.”

Phillips said the state ordered that a study be done after repeated water quality violations at the sewer plant several years ago. Phillips said he doesn’t remember what the specific violations were.

Phillips said the sewer plant also had to conduct smoke tests in the system and fix any problems.

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