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Sextons celebrate 25th wedding anniversary


Seems like news time comes around pretty fast. Some people are beginning to plant a garden or getting ready to. I think mine has turned into a lawn as I have said before. The dogwoods are blooming. Springtime is a pretty time of the year in many ways. Bert really enjoyed his garden after he retired. It would be nice to have the fresh vegetables again.

Not many are coming or going like we used to have and they are truly missed. I am sure many others feel the same way.

My generation has seen more changes than any other, some good and some bad. I have done a lot of walking in my lifetime. Maybe that is why I am still here.

Bert and I enjoyed traveling after he retired. I got to put my feet in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, something I don’t forget. Some places are like going to another world. The tours are a good way to travel. Your trips are well planned and the tour guides take good care for your safety. Virginia and Myrel Brown were with us on every tour. It was always good to get back home. I don’t hear much about the tour trips anymore. They may not be going as much now.

Elizabeth Fairchild enjoys visiting with her children who live away. I miss her when she is gone.

We have good neighbors who live close by. They have lived here since they first got married and now their children are grown.

Sue Ellen Froste enjoyed visiting the old homeplace of her grandmother on Cowan. I was pleased when she came by for a visit.

Bennett and Linda Combs, Yvonne Sutphin, Christina and Regina Crawford attended opening day of Keeneland Racetrack in April. They all really enjoyed the day, which was Linda’s birthday.

The Little Cowan Church had another successful yard sale. We want to thank all who helped by working, donating, baking, or buying. We especially appreciate our pastor, Woodrow Fields, who worked harder than anyone while keeping us encouraged and entertained.

A birthday dinner for Ralph York of Pike County was held April 26 at the home of Kendall and Carol Ison. Attending were his children, Karen and Byron Boughn of Indianapolis, Regina York of Roanoke, Va., and her friend Ted, along with her children, Nathan, Allison, and Andrew, Tim York and daughter Amanda. Also attending were Earl Rayburn, Becky and Katie Collins, Valerie and Callie Horn, and Mary Lou Fields.

The Cowan Community Center has provided another good experience for a group of Cowan ladies. A painting class, coordinated by Carol Ison and Angie DeBord, and taught by artist Pam Meade had us all feeling so creative and stirred up and interested in learning more. Enjoying the class’s morning session were Virginia Brown, Ella Preston, Jeanette Dollarhyde, Vera Raleigh, Ruth Adams, Patty Majority, Dorothy Miles, Anna Yonts, Kae Fisher, Monica McIntosh, Erica Sturgill, and Doris Banks. The evening session consisted of Marie Pendleton, Autumn Dollarhyde, Tammie McIntosh, Nell Fields, Donna Sturgill, and Mimi Pickering.

After church Sunday, J.T. and Carol Caudill took Elsie, Virginia, and Doris to dinner at Pine Mountain Grill. We enjoyed having Woodrow Fields and his sister, Ruby Hatfield, join us. We also got to see Judy Gilley of Hazard.

Happy anniversary to Allen and Betty Sexton, who celebrate their 25th anniversary on May 5.

Our sympathy to the family of Mr. Cecil Caudill, who was called by death this past week. Pretty soon the older generation will be gone as I have said before.

Several attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday.

Chester and Verna Lea Rayburn of Bardstown were here recently for several days. It was good to see them.

I enjoyed a nice call from Barbara Wise of Louisville recently. She grew up on Craft’s Colly. I always enjoy her calls. She looks forward to getting The Eagle to hear from her native home. Not very many of the older generation are left.

The Obama and Clinton presidential nomination campaigns are working hard to convince the American people to make the right choice and we hope the best one wins.

Love and best wishes to all.

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