Whitesburg KY

Shannon Banks celebrates birthday


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the great weather.

We did have a bad storm Friday night, but I don’t think it did any damage. Just a lot of rain and thunder and lightning and it didn’t last long.

I enjoyed talking to Shirley Sizemore the other day. I was sorry to hear her sister had died.

I read in Christine Fields’s news that Shelby Bockover wanted me to know she had a photo of herself and her brother sitting on the rock at the old Pert Creek School. She sent me some pictures a long time ago of the old Cowan School, and she also sent me a picture of her and her late husband’s anniversary. I haven’t heard from her since then.

So Christine, you can see I read your news. I read all of them and wish I could write as well as all of you do.

I hope Rose Ballard is okay after her surgery. My son Billy and I tried to reach her, but couldn’t. I don’t know if she was in the hospital or not, but we were thinking of her.

Aggie Hatton is in Letcher Manor for therapy. I visited with her last week, and Bobbie Bowman was there also. It was good seeing her. I hadn’t seen her in awhile.

I also saw Patty Majority and Linda Jarrett out on the porch as I was leaving. They were ‘just a’rocking’ in their rocking chairs and enjoying the sunshine. It was good seeing them. I love seeing people!

I called my cousin Brenda Howard in Indiana the other day. It was good talking to her. She’s such a sweet person. She and her husband need everyone’s prayers. Dexter has a breathing problem. He was out mowing the yard when I called. He’s not really able to, but was doing it anyway. They were at our Howard family reunion in 2010, and we sure were glad to have them. They weren’t able to come last year.

I had a nice visit with Juanita Profitt the other day. I didn’t get to see Earl. He had a doctor’s appointment in Pikeville. His daughter, Doris Miller, took him.

Juanita wasn’t feeling real well. Her daughter Shelia Brown called her while I was there. She lives in Clintwood, Va.

It was so good having my brother John Howard and his wife Priscilla and their grandson Christian Howard at our church Tuesday night. I’m sure they enjoyed it also, getting to see old friends.

Anna Watkins called me to thank me for all the pictures I sent her. I’m proud to show off my pretty grandchildren, and also some of the older ones.

Anna and I have always been close friends. She was a good neighbor a long time ago, over 50 years, and it seems like such a short time ago. Time sure flies.

Cram Creek Church, where Bro. Earnest Brock is pastor, is still in their 30-day revival. It’s been a great one with different preachers every night, good singers and good crowds every night. I go as often as I can. I have lots of family there.

Louise Shepherd, Carol Day and Sybil (I don’t know her last name) were taking Shannon Banks to celebrate her birthday at Red Lobster. Her birthday was March 25. Late happy birthday, Shannon. I’m not telling your age, and you can thank me later. I’m just joking, you are not that old!

What a day’s time can change. The weather has been so pretty and I got up Sunday morning and it was cold. I was all ready for summer. I guess it’s not quite time. Could it have been redbud winter? Us old people should know things like that. Maybe I’m not that old — or not that smart.

After that, I’ll say God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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