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Sharon Holbrook begins treatments


I have been in Richmond this week with our daughter, Sharon Holbrook. She began her radiation treatments on Monday. On Wednesday she had a bad reaction and liked to have scared me to death. She was so swollen, her hands were on fire and she had a thick tongue and so many things going on. Thank the Lord it passed. She is much better. Thanks for all the prayers.

Had a nice visit with Sabrina Kiser by phone. She and some members of her family were in Letcher County last week. They camped at Carr Fork and enjoyed it so much. She and other family members cleared the Tolliver Cemetery in Millstone.

Birthday wishes going out to my sister-inlaw, Marie Isaacs. I won’t tell her age for she is still young. She is remodeling her house inside and out and it’s looking great.

Also wishing my niece, Ashley Benton a big sweet 16th birthday, and Zandra Perry, Susan Smith Vanover, Linda Amburgey, Pat Maggard Stamper, and Fern Taylor are also sent best wishes on their special days.

One of my favorite Isaacs cousins died on Sept. 30, Uncle Melvin Isaacs. He was always so upbeat but the cancer was too much. A week after the doctor told him it was terminal, he died at home. He sure will be missed by all of his family and friends.

My sister, Linda Lou is doing okay and can’t wait to get home. Hopefully this week she will be able to walk. Duke is also doing better.

Happy anniversary to my sister Anita and her husband, Blaine Redden. Hope you have many more.

God has blessed our family so much this week and we give him all the praise.

God bless.

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