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Sheriff, clerk release fees; bids awarded

In its first monthly meeting of 2018, the Letcher Fiscal Court accepted excess fees from the offices of County Court Clerk Winston Meade and Sheriff Danny Webb.

Meade told the court his office had collected $5,431,079.10 in 2017 and disbursed $5,397,221.83 for a balance of $33,857.27. He presented the court with a check for $26,000, leaving a balance pending audit of $7,857.27.

Sheriff Webb, who will retire at the end of his current term, thanked the court for its support, and said he has done his best to provide law enforcement in the county, although like other government agencies, he has seen diminishing funds, citing the loss of coal severance tax receipts and other sources. Webb said his department always did the very best it could with what it had and thanked the court and voters for all their support.

Deputy LaShawna Frazier presented the annual financial statement, which showed that the sheriff ’s office had $744,556.13 in gross receipts and disbursements of $704,900.09, leaving a balance of $39,656.04, pending audit. She said the reason for the large difference was that the department had to withhold the salary of Deputy Sidney Fields, who was on deployment in Afghanistan with his National Guard Unit. Webb presented the court with a check for the excess, but asked if it would forward the amount of $35,000 back to the department. This is customary in January in order to allow the department to operate until tax receipts start coming in. The court voted unanimously to approve the request.

The court also accepted annual bids for goods and services that recur annually. Childers Oil submitted the sole bid for gasoline and diesel fuel as well as anti-freeze, lubricants and other petroleum products, and the court voted unanimously to accept it. Action Auto located at Van submitted the only bid for culvert and the court voted to accept it with the stipulation that if it needs culvert that is not in stock it can go elsewhere. Judge Ward said that usually, if culvert is needed, it is fairly urgent.

The court also accepted Mountain Aggregate’s bid for gravel, with the stipulation that if it is working closer to Bluegrass Enterprises at Gordon, it can get it there to save fuel costs. Mountain Enterprises was awarded the bid for asphalt. Prices vary according to plant location. Plants are located at Burdine, Shelbiana, and Cumberland.

The bid for electrical work was awarded to Greg Hale LLC with a bid of $30. The courthouse and recreation center are excepted. Greg Hale LLC was also awarded the bid for plumbing, with a bid of $30 and the courthouse and recreation center are excepted. Hale LLC also won the bids for carpentry ($30 per hour), and for concrete labor ($30 per hour). The HVAC-heating and cooling bid was awarded to Breeding’s Plumbing and Electric for $50 per hour, per man, with the courthouse and recreation center excepted.

No bids were placed for refrigeration or concrete. The court can contract with whomever it pleases for refrigeration, and concrete will be purchased at the state contract price.

The court also accepted bids for the old Pascal Fields house on Bentley Avenue. HOMES Inc. placed the winning bid for $37,500.

The court voted unanimously to reauthorize its annual agreement with Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter, which allows the county to send stray animals there for sheltering or euthanasia. The court will pay the shelter $2,000 per month for the service.

Bank balances for county agencies as of December 31

· General Fund: $357,003.54

· Road and Bridge Fund: $889,698.83

· Jail Fund: $92,532.13

· LGEA Fund: $212,863.61

· Senior Citizens Fund: $227.28

· Forestry Fund: $17,607.28

· Letcher County Public Courthouse Depreciation Reserve: $75,022.27

· Letcher County Public Courthouse Debt Service: $358,591.97

Total of all funds: $2,003,546.91

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