Whitesburg KY

Sheriff makes drug arrests

Three men and two women have been arrested on drug-trafficking charges by the Letcher County Sheriff’s Office.

All five are named in arrest warrants served on June 9 and June 10. Charges contained in the warrants were brought after those named allegedly sold drugs to confidential informants working with the sheriff’s office.

Those arrested and the charges against them are:

• Odis “Bo” Jacobs, 37, Love’s Branch, possession of a second-degree controlled substance.

• Cecelia Joanne Fugate Johnson, 42, Carbon Glow, second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance and trafficking in less than eight ounces of marijuana.

• Frank Bentley, 45, McRoberts, first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance.

• Betty Brock, 46, Box Rock Road, Mayking, first-degree possession of a controlled substance.

• Johnathan Brock, 28, Box 151, Mayking, first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance.

All five arrests were made by Deputy Sheriff Brian Damron.

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