Whitesburg KY

Sheriff’s dept. arrests resulted in 337 of 505 jail bookings in 6 mos.

The Letcher County Jail processed 505 bookings in the past six months. The Letcher County Sheriff’s Office was responsible for 337 of those.

That’s according to a report issued this week by Sheriff Mickey Stines outlining his office’s activity between January 1 and June 30. Stines said he hoped that people seeing the statistics will understand how much his deputies are doing. He has three full-time road deputies, one of whom has been in academy for the past month.

“They’re just working their butts off,” Stines said.

Stines also has two bailiffs who can serve warrants and other papers if ordered to by the court, a school resource officer, and two deputies who perform office duties. Stines said he has some special deputies, but they do not have arrest powers.

According to Stines’s count, the office has served 428 arrest warrants, 291 civil papers, 73 criminal summons, and 26 involuntary hospitalizations. In addition, the office served 36 Emergency Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Orders, and 35 Casey’s Law petitions, and issued 158 citations. They transported 21 prisoners between jails and prisons statewide.

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