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Sherry Fugate home from hospital


Sherry Fugate of Blackey has been in Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington for almost a week. She had a minor heart attack, and luckily there was no damage to her heart. She had one 80 percent blockage and one 90 percent, so they put two stents in her heart. She is home and feeling some better.

Over the weekend Kyle, Heather, Shelby and Macy Vice and Holly Bates of Blackey, Brian Campbell of Ulvah, Will, Teresa, Judson and Sam Collins of Whitesburg, all went to Kings Island. Then on Sunday they visited the zoo. A belated happy birthday to Teresa, on Aug. 4.

Barb Jent Dixon and her son Jake of Carcassonne were involved in a car wreck at Jeff on Tuesday of last week. They said Barb cracked two vertebrae in her back, but they are lucky it was not a lot worse.

We had a family get-together on Saturday evening for my son, Justin, who turned 19 on July 31. Last weekend we had one for my nephew, Joshua Dixon, who turned 20 on July 27.

Fred and Doug Cole had a nice visit with their sisters, Billie Ann Thomas of Indiana, and Marquita Lokai of Ohio, and her husband Joe Lokai on July 10 through the 12th. Marquita and Joe attended her 50th class reunion at Stuart Robinson School while they were here.

Tim Arnold came in recently to help his sister, Joni Arnold Dixon of Elk Creek, around her place. Their uncle, Jim Arnold, also helped. Their late dad Bud Arnold’s birthday was on July 13, and they miss him every day Joni said.

Tim and Joni also had a nice visit with their uncles, Fred and Doug Cole, over that weekend. A belated happy birthday to Greg Caudill of Carcassonne, on July 31.

Shane Dixon of Woodrock had surgery on his face about three weeks ago in Lexington, because of the wreck he’d had quite awhile ago. It went well, and he is doing better. He is the son of Jina Back.

I put in my column awhile back that Doyle Dean Johnson of Jeremiah had surgery on his neck. He actually hasn’t had it yet and is not wanting to, but the doctors think it would be for the best. I’m not sure yet when it will be.

Lauren Leeann Adams of Letcher turned 4 on July 14 not 5. I made a mistake about that. She is the daughter of Leslie Gibson and Dustin Adams.

Happy birthday to Jerome Baker of Doty Creek on Aug. 9.

Tara Couch of Linefork came home from the hospital recently. She had been in for about 12 days. Her mom, Dena, said she is weak and still not eating too much, but they are glad she is home.

Happy birthday to a very special little boy, Wesley Dixon of Carcassonne, who turned 4 on Aug. 2. He is the son of John and Jennifer Dixon, and the grandson of Emory and Glenna Caudill of Carcassonne, and Louise Dixon of Elk Creek and the late Pascal Dixon.

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