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Shipping is easy at usps.com

Shipping is easier than ever now that you can do it all online with Click-N-Ship and usps.com.

Print your own shipping labels. Go to www.usps.com, look under Shipping Tools, and click on Click-N-Ship. With a computer, a printer and an Internet connection, you can print shipping labels with or without postage.

Click-N-Ship will help you make sure the address is complete. It will provide the rates, find a ZIP Code, save the address, keep a history of your online shipping, and take major credit cards – all at one convenient website location.

Skip the weigh scales and rate charts. Use one of our free Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. They come in two convenient shapes, but there’s only one price – no matter how much you can fit inside the box, how much the package weighs (up to 70 pounds), or where it’s going in the United States. You can get them at usps.com. Look under Shipping Tools and click on Supplies. Then click on Flat Rate. Your order will be delivered straight to your address at no extra charge.

Save the drive to the post office. Customers who receive mail delivery can stay online and schedule a free package pickup of Priority Mail and Express Mail packages by the regular letter carrier. Just go to www.usps.com. Look in the red toolbar at the top of the page, and click on Schedule a Pickup.

Shipping is easier than ever, if you know where to go: usps.com.

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