Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Shirley Breeding sees elk just outside Whitesburg


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It was so cold Sunday. It sure felt like winter, but that’s OK. Makes us appreciate summer.

It was good talking to my friend, Coy Morton, the other day. He said he was doing very well.

I meant to put in last week’s news that Shirley Breeding saw three elk across from the Coop near Hoover’s Carpet a few days ago. I haven’t seen one yet. I’d like to see one, but not too close.

I enjoyed a nice dinner with Donna Branham and her family last week. It was so good! I really enjoyed seeing the pretty Christmas decorations. I enjoyed talking with the late Hatler Branham’s wife. We got acquainted when he was in Letcher Manor, and I also enjoyed talking to Donna’s mother. She is so nice and I don’t even know her name.

My son, Rob, is in Lexington to celebrate his grandson, Loren’s, first birthday and also Kevin and Adrienne’s anniversary, their seventh I think. Belated happy wishes for both occasions.

It was nice talking to Carl and Marsha Banks at the Courthouse Cafe last Wednesday evening. I didn’t know he was Elsie Banks’s son; now I do.

I attended the funeral of Emery Stidham last week. It was good seeing the family, our old Marlowe friends, even though it was a sad occasion. A large crowd attended. They were a well loved family, good people.

We had the Howard family Christmas party at the Sandlick Fire Department. They treated us so nice. We are really proud of our fire department and the people who take care of it. It is so beautiful.

Of course with all the Howards, there was a large crowd there and so much food! There were way over 100 people there, and lots of new babies to show off, all of them beautiful.

I want to wish my son, Rob, of Owensboro, a happy birthday Dec. 24.

Margaret G. Day of Cereda, W.Va., I was pleased to get your Christmas card, but was sorry you hadn’t been doing too well. If I get back to Ashland anytime soon I will try to come visit you. I enjoyed seeing you that time I was there. You hurry and get well. You are too busy to be going to the hospital.

I sure was glad to get a card from Emma Lou Engle. She seems so nice.

I have lots of pictures so I’ll stop here. May God bless all of you with good health and happiness through all the holidays and every day. Try to be in church somewhere this week and on Sunday.

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