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Shirley Wells was one of the Marlowe girls

Southern Ohio

Hello Again Everyone!

I do believe spring is finally here and it is beautiful in the Ohio Valley area. Everything has really come out in their beautiful colors.

For the past week I have sort of hibernated, not really leaving the house except when I definitely had to. Patty Miller and I had made plans to attend Hillbilly Days at Pikeville, actually we were looking forward to this. Something happened and my heart wasn’t in it. The following will explain why.

I lost a special friend. There’s no way I could go anyplace to enjoy myself with my heart and soul torn apart. I would like to somehow pay tribute to a special friend, Shirley Carl Niece Wells, formerly of Marlowe

Shirley and I met when I was about 14 years old. Shirley was a little older than me. Shirley lived with her grandmother and I would go stay with my grandma at Caudilltown. We neither had much money to do anything, sometimes go to a movie. We lost touch when I left the mountains, and soon Shirley left and somehow we drifted apart.

When I started writing for The Mountain Eagle, Shirley got in touch with me about a recipe I had mentioned. I knew who she was. I had shortened my name and of course being married she didn’t recognize it. After teasing her a few times, I told her who I was. At that time there wasn’t Facebook, just emailing to each other.

When Shirley found out who I was, it was as if we had never been apart. A friendship developed and continued to grow. We have shared births of grandchildren, so much tears of laughter of joy and sorrow. We talked on the phone, on the computer, for several years we listened to bluegrass music via the Internet along with my dear departed friend Gwen Huff Farmer.

Shirley would get her coffee and we would type back and forth as we enjoyed the music. It was rather ironic as Shirley and I had baby girls on the same date, Lorretta and my daughter Anna.

We made plans to meet different times, it was never possible, until two years ago when I was in Nashville, Tenn. Shirley’s daughter Lorretta Wells Baggett brought Shirley to Nashville.

Oh, it was such a pleasure to see Shirley and be with her. We spent a few hours together. We couldn’t find enough time to catch up. We laughed as time had taken its toll and turned our dark hair to a different color. Except for some sadness in Shirley’s eyes she still looked the same in the face.

It had been 51 years since we had seen each other. We made plans to meet several different times but it never happened.

We were supposed to meet again this past February when I was in Nashville, however Shirley’s sister Minnie was in the hospital so Shirley didn’t want to leave her.

I haven’t been feeling well for a month or so, and I just sent and received very little from Shirley so I had no idea she was sick too with pneumonia.

What I am about to write sounds like a bunch of bologna, however Easter Sunday was a bad day for me personally. About six in the evening I started having a weird feeling, as if something was going to happen. Some of you may know what I am meaning. I couldn’t be satisfied no matter what I tried to do.

I finally just broke down and cried like you had whipped me. My cousin Beverly Adams was on the computer. She said she could tell something was wrong, but I couldn’t talk to her nor explain what or why I was feeling as I did. I finally said heck with it, and went to bed cried myself to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep very long, got back on the computer, laid back down, etc.

Finally about three in the morning I got out of bed once again, sat down at this computer. A notice popped up requesting prayer for her mother Shirley Wells. It was from Shirley’s daughter Lorretta. I sent a quick reply, please let me know how she was. I received a message that Shirley had died about half hour previous.

Now some may think I have already slipped off the deep end, however I believe with all my heart that I had a premonition of Shirley. We would get in touch with each other when things were wrong, without us knowing.

My sister Loretta Church was dead one year April 21. Shirley died April 21.

Shirley has a beautiful family, six girls and a handsome son. She lost a son a few years ago, Shirley never got over the loss.

There are secrets that Shirley and I shared that went with her, and will stay with me as this was one person I could talk to and to know it went no further.

I’ve lost so many friends in the past few years, too many to mention, three in the last two months. Once again another took the final destination.

I called Oma Hatton as early as possible to tell her the sad news as Oma knew Shirley as a young girl growing up at Marlowe. Oma is a another wonderful person that I have been fortunate to meet.

Vicki Power and I took a drive to Rising Sun, Ind., to sit by the river this afternoon. Once again we were going to Walmart to look at a lawnmower. By the time I get one, I will need a hay bailer to cut and save the hay at the rate I am going.

While we at the park enjoying the boats on the river, a friend joined us for a while, then took Vicki and me on a tour through Rising Sun to streets that I had never been on before.

Margie Caudill’s son Frank McIntosh is running for sheriff of Rising Sun, along with a couple of others. I saw the signs along the way.

Doyle and Betty Ison are enjoying the nice weather, although Betty isn’t perking too well. I hope she feels better.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner. Maybe I will see you two along with Larry and Becky Hasty before long.

Hello to John and James Ison. James, be careful as you are training as a firefi ghter.

My sister-in-law Mattie Hall called to say my brother Jerry is back in Whitesburg Hospital again in serious condition. Please keep Jerry in your prayers.

Until next time.

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