Whitesburg KY

‘Shop with a Cop’ needs your help

Employees of the Whitesburg Wal-Mart are trying to raise $2,000 during the month of November for the Kentucky State Police’s Shop with a Cop program.

KSP officers and Wal-Mart employees raise money all year long to prepare for the one day in December when underprivileged children from Letcher, Knott, Leslie, Perry and Breathitt counties shop for clothing, shoes and toys with cops at the Whitesburg Wal-Mart.

Last year’s event cost more than $10,000. Eighty-one children were able to spend $125 apiece during the winter shopping spree.

“The whole thing depends on our fund-raising events and how successful we are to how much each child gets to spend,” said Jimmy Duncil, a KSP dispatcher.

Some of the fund-raisers include bake sales, yard sales and penny wars.

Wal-Mart employees will be hosting a “jail and bail” on November 9 from 10 a.m. until noon where people can pay $5 to have someone put in “jail” in front of the Whitesburg Wal-Mart. KSP officers will go get the person from work or home and bring them to the pretend jail. Jailbirds have to pay $5 to get out of jail.

If Wal-Mart reaches its goal of raising $2,000 by November 30, the store manager, Johnny Hamilton, will have his head shaved.

Felicia Bates, a Wal-Mart employee, said the Shop with a Cop program is important because it makes Christmas special.

“It gives kids who wouldn’t otherwise have Christmas, a chance to get gifts,” said Bates. “I love seeing the faces on the kids when they come in here to shop.”

Duncil said Wal-Mart employees go out of their way to help with the Shop with a Cop program.

“Those girls at Wal-Mart have really done an exceptional job. I see tears roll down their eyes and it is one of the happiest days of their lives,” said Duncil.

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