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Show your parents the Social Security website

Do your parents spend much time online?

Sometimes older parents can be apprehensive about using the Internet and conducting business online. There is no reason they should be when it comes to Social Security’s online services at www.socialsecurity. gov, which are consistently rated not only the best and easiest to use in government, but in the private sector as well.

What are some of the reasons your parents may want to visit www.socialsecurity. gov? Allow us to show you around so you can give Mom and Dad the proper tour.

Front and center, there is always a series of illustrated panels. This is where we share new messages, initiatives, and items of interest, such as breaking news and tips on new or improved online services.

To the right, you’ll find a big question mark: that is where you can find our most frequently asked questions — and the answers to them. If your parents have a ques- tion about Social Security, chances are someone else had the same question. We have collected them on our website, and it is easy to search for questions on a variety of Social Security topics.

Smack dab in the middle of the page is where you can find press releases and the latest news about Social Security.

To the left of the page you will find our top services. Virtually anything you want to do online can be found here: apply online for retirement, disability or Medicare benefits; get an instant, personalized estimate of future benefits with our online Retirement Estimator; and obtain information about how to get or replace a Social Security card.

One of the hottest new services is getting your Social Security Statement online. Just complete the authentication process, much like the sort you would go through when requesting a credit report online, and you’ll be able to set up your online Social Security account. Once you do, you will have online access to your Statement, which includes detailed estimates of future benefits, and a summary of your work history through the years. This is especially helpful for parents who may be planning for retirement.

Our website offers many other services as well, such as online forms and publications, an easy application to apply for Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs, icons to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, and information categorized by subject matter or by audience.

Take your parents for a visit to www.socialsecurity. gov. It is one small way you can give back to those who have given so much for you.

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