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Shucky beans is now on the menu for Christmas dinner

Merry Christmas everyone!

With a small dusting of snow in the Ohio Valley area, it sort of looked a little like Christmas, at least for a little while. Then it disappeared.

There were a few posts of snow in the mountains, oh how beautiful they looked. Beautiful to look at, dangerous to be out driving in especially when it isn’t a have-to case.

Yes there’s longing in my heart to head for the mountains, as Sunrise Ridge will be playing at Campbell’s Branch Community Center. Just a few months, God willing, Carcassonne will be back open as they start the second Saturday in March.

Old Time Fiddlers, of which I am president, was meeting the second Sunday of each month, and it was difficult for me to do two things. Starting in January, Old Time Fiddlers will meet the first Sunday of each month. This was the original date for as long as I remember.

Once again I have been very ill with stomach issues. Sometimes I get so disgusted that I just want to give up, then I have to look around again and be thankful for other things I can do that so many others can’t.

For some reason this time of year is especially hard for me. I miss not being able to send my siblings a Christmas card, or to be able to just pick up the phone and hear their voices.

Sunday evening, I took my sidekick Bennie Wiederhold to the Harrison Christmas Parade. Bennie wanted to get his face painted. Now Bennie threw the man that was doing the face painting a curve, as he asked him if he could paint a picture of Elf on a Shelf on his face.

The man said he hadn’t ever done anything like that. Bennie took the man’s cell phone and pulled it up, showed him and yes, the man did it, just half of Bennie’s face. Bennie is amazing as he so intelligent.

Before the parade, there was an antique store open and Bennie asked if we could go in there and look around, as I explained it was just old stuff and furniture. Bennie informed me he loved old things, and furniture too.

The owner of the store sort of acted rude, as Bennie asked questions. I caught the owner by himself and smiled rather sweetly and told him that Bennie could look up as much information, as he probably knew himself. There are a couple of things I would like to purchase, but I won’t go back. If he didn’t have time to answer a child’s questions, then he hasn’t got time to take my money. There wasn’t anyone in the store, and he had his nose stuck in his phone.

Bennie asked me if I would take him to more stores. I replied yes, as long as he didn’t touch things. I’ve never seen anyone this young as interested in what he calls retro. I sure don’t want him in my basement, as Angie would beat me if he started carrying old bottles, etc., home with him.

Bennie made me so proud of him. They were throwing candy and Bennie picked up candy then shared it with a couple of smaller children.

Now I wasn’t expecting on going to LaRosa Pizza, but we did. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Johnny and Ann Calihan, along with their daughter Sue Wagner, were about a block away from us, and we didn’t know it until later.

Sue Wagner needs prayers from all of you who believe that prayers work. Sue is supposed to be put back on the liver transplant list. Please pray this happens, as her health will decline.

Southern Ohio

Friday evening, Vicki Power and I ventured to Oxford Community Arts Center in Oxford, to the monthly square dance. Warren and Judy Waldron host this event the first Friday of each month. Dale Farmer picked the banjo. Dale played claw hammer style. The attendance was the least that it has been in the three months that we have been attending. I believe square dancing is addictive, as I am ready to go again.

Judy called several different calls, and there’s one call that I goofed on, but finally I got it right. My partner was a tall guy, and he would swing me fast and furious and made me dizzy. I finally had to tell him not so hard.

Then I danced with another guy and he held me like a piece of china, so very careful as I would break. It was a fun-filled few hours.

Oxford Arts Center is a beautiful place, at least the ballroom is where the dance is held. Warren and Judy have been holding the square dances there for about 15 years. Warren and Judy are making plans to go with me sometime this summer to Carcassonne Community Center. No matter where I go, Carcassonne Community Center will always be my favorite place.

I used to feel the same way about going to Versailles State Park for the bluegrass festival. It was such a beautiful setting with a serene lake in the background. Really, I love an outdoor music festival, no matter where it is held. I attended the one at Roxana that sits on the mountain, and oh that was so peaceful there.

I read where the prison may not be built because inmates and other states may sue to stop it. Since when do inmates have a right to make any decisions? As far as other states, why don’t they keep their noses out of Letcher County business?

I wish there could have been a couple more festivals held there, while the waiting process has been going on.

I still can’t believe how many houses have been built on Mill Branch in the vicinity where the school used to be. I regret never visiting Tony and Fay Shepherd when they lived in the schoolhouse. I may have mentioned it before I have two school desks from the schoolhouse.

I have a half-finished Christmas tree that is waiting for me to finish and a lot I have to get done.

Hello to Bonnie Ingram. I hope you are feeling better, and can go to Campbell’s Branch soon.

I see where there may be some heavy snow for the eastern Kentucky area. Well, keep it down that way because I don’t want it.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner and all the family that is spread out.

John Ison is attending Morehead University. John, you are a very smart young man, so just hang in there you will do great

Hello to a special young girl, my niece Sue Hall’s granddaughter Brooke Brown. Brooke’s mother, April Elswick, says that Brooke is a mini me as she loves to write songs and poetry. Since she went to the square dance, she loves dancing.

This pleases me very much, as a couple of my daughters can write the most beautiful poems, so can Keith when he wants to write, which his seldom.

As a matter of fact there are several of my granddaughters and a couple of grandsons that can write also.

I wish somehow I could start a fund for young girls’ education. Oh yes I sound partial, but I know what it is like to be a young girl growing up without education and no one to help you.

Writing can release all kinds of emotions. I don’t take the time to write anymore, as I don’t feel like doing very much of anything.

Thanks to Mike and Marcia Caudill for an early Christmas gift. I will be having shucky beans for Christmas dinner. I will eat a little then suffer the consequence.

I am going to try to bake a stack cake to share with someone.

Last week I wrote that I was taking my landline phone out. I did for a few days, then my cell phone acted up and I felt isolated without a telephone.

I called the telephone office and had my home phone reactivated, and they gave me a reduced rate for the next year.

Well the Christmas tree is calling my name, so I better get busy or it will be time to take it down. In case you get the bad weather that is predicted, stay safe and warm.

Hello to Bonnie Ingram. I hope she is feeling better. I really enjoy Bonnie’s column. It made me realize how lucky that I am that I finally got a computer, even more proud that I learned how to use it, as when I first stated writing my column for The Mountain Eagle, I wrote a couple of columns by hand, then mailed them.

I finally got an electric typewriter and used that for sometime.

My daughter Anna Nottingham gave me a used computer, and at first I refused to learn how to use it, except to play a game. Finally a lady I cleaned for gave me a free AOL CD, and my granddaughter helped me get online.

That has been several years ago, and now, two computers later, I can do what I want and need to do, but there’s so much I don’t know diddlysquat about.

I would recommend a computer for any older person that is housebound, as it is really great. I would not recommend that anyone misuse it, as I am sure there’s danger.

Be good and check on your neighbors, as Santa Claus is watching you

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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