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Shucky beans were big hit at fish fry

Hello, everyone! I hope all you mothers and grandmothers had a wonderful day on Mother’s Day! My daughter, Kay Gray, sent me a couple of cute cards, a huge pot of flowers, and money to help with a trip to the hills of home when I get ready to head that way. My husband, Clayton, gave me a cute card.

If gas keeps going up, I am going to see if I can borrow the neighbors’ horse. I might be a little sore, however it may be cheaper. At least there’s plenty of grass to eat.

I have been begging once again, Johnny Calihan brought me a bag of lettuce and onions and left them on my porch.

Clayton and I went to Northern New Home Church, Bill and Mary Halcomb’s church, for a fish fry. The fish was delicious. Last year it was good, however I believe this time it was even better! Maybe it was because little Mary Whitaker was frying the fish when we got there. Mary wasn’t too busy to make you feel welcome when you arrived.

As I ventured into the reception room I was greeted by several women. Mable Back is from Blackey. Yvonne Ison, who is Vera Mitchell’s sister, is married to Quentin Ison, who was from Big Branch. Quentin knew Mom (Ora Adams Hall) and he knew my grandparents, Ben and Betty (Adams) Barton, along with my great-grandparents, Will and Nance Coots. Yvonne brought shucky beans, they were delicious, and someone baked a stack cake.

Mabel Back, Gertrude Ison, and Joann Ison were just a few I met. Mary Carolyn and Coeburn Ison were there from Indianapolis, Ind. Helen Caudill is Mary’s sister’ Helen and her husband, Lovell Caudill, live in Miamisburg, Ohio. Mary and Helen are cousins to Shirley Wells of Clarksville, Tenn. This is the second time that I have talked to Mary and Coeburn Ison. Coeburn was the basketball coach at Kingdom Come High School when I went to school there in 1957-58.

When the men were singing some Old Regular Baptist songs, someone sang a Vince Gill song called “Go Rest High On That Mountain.” I almost had a meltdown as I looked at Coeburn with his trembling hands, and thought back to years gone by when he was such an athletic young man, then age is showing on me, oh did I say that!

As I sat listening to the words of the song so many emotions starting coming through my thoughts, of Mom walking up that old dirt road from Roxana to Tolson Creek, across the mountain to Big Branch. Now that is Mom and Dad’s final resting place along with my greatgrandparents, Ma and Pa Coots.

Let’s go back to the fish fry. I missed Mary’s sister, Linda Whitaker Day, who was down in the mountains visiting our little extra mountain mama Alma Whitaker.

You have heard the expression when it rains it pours, it seems some of the Whitaker family knows the meaning of it. Woody Whitaker’s son was really sick and in the hospital, he is improving now. He is staying at his parents’ while he is improving. Woody’s wife had to have her appendicitis removed. Willis Whitaker had gone to visit his mama, Alma. His visit was cut short as his son-in-law had a tractor accident. He was admitted to a hospital in Cincinnati, so Willis had to drive back from Kingscreek in a hurry.

Linda sends a belated happy Mother’s Day to her mother-inlaw, Renevae Day of Brookville, Ind.

Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb were at the fish fry. Arlyn wasn’t feeling her usual spry self, though she sure looked pretty.

Harvey Creech, a preacher from Cumberland, sure enjoyed Yvonne’s shucky beans. He said heck with the fish!

My brother, Richie Hall, and his wife, Wanda, had their kids for dinner. This is a very close family.

Shirley Wells spent Mother’s Day with several of her children.

Gwen Huff Farmer had some special surprise guests. As she was talking on the phone to her son, Forest Farmer, he and his wife, Sherry, rang the doorbell. They took her out for supper then drove back to Arkansas.

Clayton and I went to visit his daughter, Carla, Eddie and little Blake.

Johnny Calihan is still talking about his trip to Washington, D.C.

Jr. Calihan had to take a trip to the hospital; he is doing a lot better. Please keep him in your prayers, Their sister, Hattie Taylor, is having some health problems.

My granddaughter, Jodi Gray, didn’t get prom queen. Her friend beat her out by a very short margin of votes. Jodi says it was an honor to make it to court.

My son, Keith, really enjoyed his trip to St. Mary’s fishing with his friends. Keith caught 13 catfish.

I tried to be a hillbilly once again by walking barefoot in my backyard. I stuck a stick in the side of my foot and it has given me some pain.

Hello to my two special readers, Levine Jones and Bruce Jones. Hello to Betty and Doyle Ison.

We had a bad storm and lightning hit my computer. If this column doesn’t make sense, I am using my friend’s computer since I can’t get into mine, trying to remember what I had written. It is very difficult using someone’s computer. My friend, Linda Hollan, is good enough to let me use her computer.

Until next time! Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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