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Shufflers have new baby girl

Kymber Shayne Shuffler was born Jan. 14.

Kymber Shayne Shuffler was born Jan. 14.

I need to ask you all to pray for my mother-in-law, Evelyn Yonts, again. She is having a really hard time getting her strength back. She’s also not sleeping very well. She will go three or four days without sleeping.

She was admitted to the Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center on the 15th for rehab. Hopefully, she will be able to get some strength back and walk on her own again. She will be 90 years old in March.

There are so many people in our area that need prayers. Most of these have flu or pneumonia. And many have just lost loved ones.

Remember the Ron and Kinsee Petree Howard family in the death of their ninemonth old baby girl. They were formerly of Hazard and now live in Spartanburg, SC.

On a brighter note, my brother- in- law Eugene Yonts and his wife Lindy Mullins Yonts have a brand new granddaughter. Their daughter Alison and her husband Shane Shuffler had a baby girl, Sunday, Jan. 14, and I stopped by to see her today.


Pictured are Norma Hughes, Caldonia Reynolds Page, and Ida Hatton.

Pictured are Norma Hughes, Caldonia Reynolds Page, and Ida Hatton.

I could have just gone ahead and taken her home with me and kept her if they would have let me. Alison’s daughter Madison was there too and she was so proud of her baby sister. She has a beautiful reddish head of hair and the most perfect little face. They named her Kymber. I love that name.

Her paternal grandparents are Rick and Velvet Shuffler of Linefork. Kymber also has another older sister, Shaylee Addison. They will make a beautiful family.

Mom said to let everybody at the rec center, Letcher County Senior Citizens, and Millstone Missionary Baptist Church know she isn’t sick physically, she’s just sick of this cold weather and bad roads. I think she is really missing you all.

I know Irene Banks, Charles Noble, Billy Hatton, Earle Bone, Bennett Combs, Jack Burkich, Pat Wright, Maranda Webb and all her workout partners are missing Mommy too. They love seeing her motivation and hearing her sweet remarks when they greet her in the mornings.

Speaking of Maranda Webb, she started a nutrition and exercise class on Jan. 4 at the rec center and it’s a doozy. She has two different time slots on Thursday evening because the group is so big.

The first group meets at 4:30 and then the second group at 6:30. My daughter and I joined and, believe it or not, Thursday evening I was able to finish the whole class without collapsing. Lots of the exercises I had to modify but I was able to do them.

Then we meet again on Saturday at 10:15 or 11:15 for another workout. If you are wanting to get some good nutritional advice and a good workout, this can’t be beat.

I think Brandy Cook also does something similar and she has a large group of participants too. I love that there is a place in Letcher County that tries to get everyone involved in some kind of physical activity.

I forgot to put the senior citizen members’ January birthdays in last week. We only have one on the calendar and it is Linda Sturgill on the 25th. There may be others that just don’t want people to know their birthday.

There aren’t many events planned for the seniors for the rest of the month. Weather like this makes it hard for them to plan anything.

There will be something coming up for Valentine’s Day though. We have enjoyed all the visits from Letcher County Extension Office. They present lots of valuable information not only about the foods we should be eating, but also how to avoid all kinds of scams.

I think it’s time for another funny on Mommy and her brother and sisters when they were living at Marlowe. They washed their clothes in two different galvanized washtubs, (the kind we see now that are antiques and people like to hang them up for looks). One was used for washing and one for rinsing.

They put the washboard down in the tub and brought their clothes up and down over the grooves of the washboard. In the summertime they did this outside on the porch, but in the wintertime they had to bring it in and sit them in their chairs.

When she was about 14, Papaw Pennington bought a Maytag wringer washer and didn’t tell them about it. He just told them Scrub Nichols was going to deliver something from the Marlowe Coal Company store and the password was “washing machine”.

I think that would have been a dead giveaway for me as to what was being delivered. Anyway, when Scrub delivered it and set it all up what he said to Mamaw was, “Now, put these youngun’s in there and give them a good washun’.”

When we were growing up we had a Maytag wringer washer down the basement and a galvanized tub that we sat under the wringers and put the clothes in to rinse.

We rinsed them ourselves and then put them back through the wringers before we took them outside to hang out on the clothesline. I loved the smell of clothes that were dried on the line but that was all I loved about all that work.

I was a teenager before we had a clothes dryer. We didn’t know what to think about being able to wash and dry your clothes and have them ready to wear again in just that short a time.

Don’t forget what Oma always said, try your best to be in church somewhere Sunday and if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week God would want you there then, too.

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