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Sickness hits many in Blackey

Happy birthday to Jessica Sparks of Blackey. It is on Feb. 10.

Bruce Gilley of Letcher had been having chest pains and finally went to the doctor. He is now in Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital and they are having a doctor in from North Carolina to see what he needs to have done. They are talking about open heart surgery. He had only one artery open going to his heart. I wish him the best .

My sister-in-law Mary Ann Morgan had a place on her lung and went to Lexington a couple of times and now they found out it is not cancer. We are all so glad to hear that she will be going back soon to have it removed by laser.

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne has been in Whitesburg Hospital again. He was having problems with his smothering again, but his daughter Sara Porter said she talked to him on the phone Friday and he was doing a lot better. Sara, her husband Chris and daughter Bella live in Ashland.

Please say a prayer for Logan Howard of Knott County. He had his eye removed about a year ago because of cancer, and now they think it’s back or it’s just scar tissue. He will be going back to Lexington soon for more tests. He is the son of Clint Howard and Jaimie Sparks.

Happy birthday to Tiffany Hatton of Blackey. It was on Jan. 3. Vernon ‘Jr.’ Slone of Jeremiah had one on Feb. 2, Heather Bates of Whitesburg had one on Feb. 3, and Stephine Eldridge of Blackey also had one the 3rd. Jennifer Dixon of Carcassonne had one Feb. 4, Ruth Ann Blair Brown of Jeremiah the 6th, Libby Day Smith of Letcher and her brother Chris Day of Jeremiah on the 6th, Melanie Standfill of Texas, formerly of Blackey, had one on the 7th. Helen Engle of Carcassonne has a birthday on the 10th, Lena Newman Dixon of Letcher also on the 10th, and Bonnie Adams of Letcher on the 7th.

Nichole Rogers of Letcher, her father Gary Rogers, his wife Venisha and her son Johnathan Eldridge have been in Nashville and Memphis, Tenn., for a few days. They visited Graceland and stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel then went on to visit Loretta Lynn’s ranch and toured her old homeplace. They were going to Pigeon Forge Saturday, but Venisha got sick and they had to head back home. Happy birthday to Nicole; it was on the 5th. Blackey

Jodie Johnson of Carbon Glow was involved in a wreck at Isom on Friday in front of the BP. It totaled her car but thankfully she was not hurt.

Jodie’s newest grandbaby is home from Pikeville Hospital. Isaiah Caudill was born a couple of weeks ago and had to be put in the hospital with breathing problems. He is now home and doing so much better. He is the son of Dustin Caudill and April Pridemore. The other proud grandparents are K.P. and Lana Pridemore of Doty Creek.

Lisa Gibson of Isom was in a bad car wreck on Saturday. She had to be taken to Holston Valley Hospital in Tennessee. She had a broken neck and had bleeding on her brain among other injuries. Please say a prayer for her and the family.

Dena Couch of Linefork had been having some bad headaches and the doctors found out she had a meningiona tumor in her head. Most are not cancerous, but to be sure she has an appointment with a neurologist on Friday. I hope she gets good news.

I wanted to let everyone know my Blackey email address was hacked, so if you get any emails from it I’m so sorry. I hope I fixed the problem so if you get anymore, please let me know.

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