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Signs, signs everywhere

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has a problem — and you may be contributing to it.

There’s a great deal of clutter along county roads, city streets and state highways. Political season brings out signs of all shapes and sizes. Add in fall yard-sale signage and some business messages, too, and it can create problems for motorists.

The transportation cabinet recently issued an alert reminder about sight distance, parking conditions and right-of-way infringement. It’s important the messages here are clear.

Regarding yard sales, setting a yard sale on a right-of-way is illegal. These areas are used as safety zone buffers for motorists and they provide a clear view of vehicles entering, exiting and traveling on the road. When objects block right-of-way areas, line of sight is reduced and that increases the likelihood of crashes.

The Message: Set your yard-sale sign off of right-of-way limits.

Motorists should be highly aware of surroundings. Just like in a construction zone, pay close attention when traveling through an area where multiple yard sales are taking place. Slow down and be on the lookout for pedestrians. And when parking, do not obstruct traffic or block the view of travelers.

The Message: Be alert and don’t contribute to traffic issues.

Residents, business operators and property owners along U.S. highways and state routes are reminded Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews have authority and will remove political signs along statemaintained rights of way. No signs for a yard sale, auction, business or political candidate should be placed in rights of way. Also remember it is illegal to attach fliers, posters, balloons and streams on utility poles, stop signs or other roadway signage.

Mowing crews also are active through the transportation cabinet’s District 4 region. Illegally placed signs present obstacles, slowing their progress and creating additional hazards to crew members and passing motorists. The items will be removed and taken to the highway department maintenance facility. Unclaimed materials will be trashed or recycled.

The Message: Keep your messages in proper places.

And regarding the new trend of placing oversized signs on semi trailers, the district staff says that constitutes a billboard. Anyone using this method should be aware federally regulated routes, such as interstates and parkways, restrict billboards. Some U.S. and state highways are federally funded and also have restrictions. If you have questions about the regulations, contact the District 4 office.

The Message: It won’t help your campaign to receive a state citation.

— The News-Enterprise, Elizabethtown

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