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Similar names may create ballot confusion


What’s in a name? Maybe a public office, if the name is the same as a longtime incumbent.

In looking through the sample ballots recently, one such race drew our attention and we feel it is our duty to bring it to your attention as well.

Down the ballot in the 29th District State Senate race, there are two candidates with very similar names, and the similarity of those names could very well cause some voters to cast their ballots for someone they do not intend to elect.

The Republican on the ballot is the challenger, Johnnie L. Turner, and his name appears first. The Democrat is incumbent Sen. Johnny Ray Turner. His name appears second.

We believe, intentionally or not, this similarity in names will confuse some voters. We hope this will clear up any confusion.

Johnny Ray Turner, of Drift in Floyd County, is a conservative Democrat, the current Senator, and has served in that office for 20 years. He is a former teacher and coach.

Johnnie L. Turner, of Harlan, is a conservative Republican and a former one-term state Representative. He is a lawyer.

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