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Mostly sunny

Singers entertain Ovenfork seniors

We have been having such a good time here at the center. Dec. 21 we had our Christmas party. Everyone who drew names exchanged their gifts. Everyone had nice gifts, and it was a lot of fun.

We had our three wonderful singers again, which was so uplifting. They were Jerry Banks, Darrell Caudill and our magistrate, Bobby Howard, and a special guest, Bobby’s wife, Debbie. She is a really nice lady.

Our center had Bingo every Tuesday, and every third Tuesday we are going to try to have our singers come and sing for us. So if you are 60 or over, come and enjoy with us.

I hope the New Year is wonderful for everyone.

Prayer list is: Orville Collier, Doris Maggard, Lucy Maggard and anyone else who needs prayers, and also for anyone who has lost their loved ones over the holidays and this past year.

Catch everyone next time.

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