Whitesburg KY

Sister-in-law will be missed

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all are having a good week.

My sister-in-law Diane died and we made a trip to Edmonton. It took three hours each way. My husband really wasn’t able to go. He said he would feel bad if he didn’t. He did pretty well.

She was a great sisterin law and will be missed. Funeral home visitation was nonstop and the funeral was packed. She had a lot of friends and family and was a cook at the middle school 21 years.

Thanks for all the prayers. James met some cousins he never knew he had.

Nova Lee Sexton Fields died two years ago on May 9. She would have been 71. She is missed by all who knew her.

Thomas Wolfe will be 35 on May 10. Happy birthday to him. Also, my former pastor in Greensburg, Ind., will be 68 on May 10. I want to wish him a great birthday.

Melinda Daniels’s mother Mary Jacobs has a birthday May 12. Happy birthday from Melinda (Kay-Kay).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there on May 12. May you all have a wonderful day. Be sure to tell your mother you love her. My mother, the late Mary Fields, has been gone several years. I still miss her and I told her often how much I loved her.

Charles Large has a birthday on May 13. Hope he has a wonderful day.

In remembrance of Bill King and Eunice Hall on May 13. They both have been gone one year and are still missed by all who knew them.

I saw Darrell Sturgill the other day. He seems to be doing a little better. Keep him and Joanne in prayers. They have both had some health issues.

I saw Debbie Howard and part of her family at Pine Mountain Grill last week. Always good running into her.

Irene and Eugene Day still need our prayers.

I talked to Agnes Mag- gard on her birthday Sunday. She is doing fair. Keep her in prayer also.

Loreva Fields has been back in the hospital. Her son Tony and wife Thelma from Indiana have been here. Guess she had pneumonia.

I heard that Hazel Rayburn fell and skinned up her arm. She is really a tough lady. Keep her in prayer.

Rick Polly is still having lung problems. Keep him in prayer.

Keep James and me in prayer. It has been a rough time for both of us and we both need your prayers. He needs a healing in his body. Would love to see him all perky and happy-go-lucky like he was before. It will take a miracle.

He is doing pretty well on his diet. It is so hard to find foods without salt. We both have lost some weight (me not enough), but I love to eat. Just cutting down.

Well, folks, until next time. Have a blessed week. Attend the church of your choice. Be good to each other and do not take each other for granted. We are not promised tomorrow so make the best of each day.

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