Whitesburg KY

Sisters enjoy their sister time together

Hello everyone! Hoping this weather is keeping everyone well, except for a few sniffles.

My sister Kathy and I made a quick trip to Indiana. Did not get to see everyone. Hopefully next time.

Kathy and I had some much needed sister time. We have laughed ourselves silly. We enjoyed our trip.

Had a chance to see my son Chad and his family for a little bit. Most of Thursday was spent at a funeral visitation and funeral, and dinner afterward for Ann Peaslee, my daughter-inlaw’s grandmother, who lost her bout with fourth-stage lung cancer that she only had a few months.

Pray for the family.

Happy birthday to Carol Ison on April 2; Hannah Boggs on April 3; Dorothy Hardebeck on April 4; Tony Maggard, April 7.

My youngest son, Chad Fields, will be the ‘big 40’ on April 5. You will always be my baby boy, and glad to be your momma. I love you. Michael and Kay-Kay say happy birthday.

Happy anniversary to Judy and Astor Fields, who will be married 43 years. Congratulations to them on April 7.

Melinda Daniel “Kay- Kay” is home from the hospital. Doing some better, needs prayers still yet.

Mike seems to be doing better and Thomas Wolfe has a broken foot that needs some work done to it. Not sure how he broke it.

Seems like our family has more feet and leg problems than anyone I know.

I saw Melanie Combs at Walmart. She has really been sick a lot lately, and needs our prayers.

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