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Sisters gather for lunch at Dairy Queen


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I’m doing fine except for allergies and cold hands and cold feet. I hope that’s not a sign you’re getting old. If it is, I’m taking that back.

I honestly don’t feel I’m getting older until I look in the mirror and I say, “Who is that old woman staring back at me?” I don’t think I know her.

My sisters, Louise Shepherd, Betty Tyree, and Kathleen Brock, and I all got together for lunch the other day at Dairy Queen. It was good seeing all the people. We had a good time.

We don’t get together as much as I would like. We have had to deal with doctor’s appointments and folks being sick and some working. Maybe things will get better some day.

This week has sure flown by. I didn’t even get to tell it good-bye until it was gone.

I saw Bennett Welch in The Mountain Eagle office last Wednesday. I asked Pam who he was and she told me. I don’t think I have even met him, but I’ve talked with him on the phone so much I feel like I know him.

I would have told him how much I like his news. I always read it and there’s always some I know — a lot of them relatives.

I like reading about the school kids. So many of them are no longer with us and we like to remember them.

We went to the Courthouse Café a few days ago to celebrate the birthday of my grandson Mr. Jamie Hatton. His mom and dad Billy and Sandra, and his sister Angie Mullins and her two children Sam and Ellie, and his brother Dr. Jump Hatton and wife Andrea and little Kate, and of course Jamie’s wife Julie and their children Anna, Eli and Dianne, and Dickie Adams and their son Willie and his wife and their pretty little daughter were there.

All the little girls were beautiful of course, and Sam Mullins was handsome. It was a lot of fun.

I’m so glad that Wendy and Kevin Day got all their stuff that was stolen back, especially for Larry Kevin, their son. He was heartbroken and scared to death.

It’s bad when things like that happen, and I hope it will stop.

Sandra had her Longaberger open house over the weekend, and it went real well. She was real pleased and wants to thank all of the ladies who came and made it a great weekend.

Shirley and Daniel Cook were excited that their two grandsons, Austin and Caleb Cook, both nine years old, each got themselves a deer the same day near the home of Shirley and Daniel Cook on Dry Fork.

I called a number on my caller ID the other day to see who it was that called me, and it was Bonita Halcomb on Linefork. It turned out they knew me. Her husband was Bob Halcomb and he was a cousin of mine.

I hadn’t seen him since his father, Willie Halcomb, died. He was my grandmother, the late Maggie Fields’s, brother.

I think all the Halcombs over there are kin to me. Everyone she mentioned, I knew. I enjoyed talking with her.

I was sorry I didn’t get to the baby shower for Elmer and Amanda Boggs on Friday night. It was at Cowan Community Center. I don’t see real well after dark. I heard it went real well. They go to our church and we love them.

Two more of our church people have a new baby girl, Melissa and Kevin Adams. I think it was three or four days old, and they brought her to church last Sunday. She is so beautiful! She was 8 ½ pounds and even had a hairbow in her hair. She has a goodlooking brother who loves Sunday School and church. They are special people.

We will be having a Christmas play at our church. I’m not sure of the time, but I know it will be good. The last one we had was the best one I’d ever seen.

Hello to Anna L. Watkins and Claudine Sturgill and her family.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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